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PRESIDENT TRUMP: “You Don’t Beg for Anything”

President Trump on not begging for anything

President Trump shared on FOX and Friends that you don’t beg for anything.  He says he is alright with going to jail. 

President Trump knows the truth and the truth is that the Biden/Obama regime is part of an evil fascist effort to destroy America.

Attorney Paul Ingrassia shared the following on Twitter/X:

Regardless of what President Trump says, we all have to be doing more to demand our lawmakers and judges take action. The prospect of the leading presidential candidate actually being imprisoned in the United States America should be absolutely inconceivable. How long do we want to put up with being a persecuted people?

I’m absolutely fed up with it, and everyone should be repulsed by the indignities President Trump is forced to endure.

This is about much more than President Trump — this is about the kind of society we are becoming, one that is more openly tyrannical and fascistic by the day.

There’s a reason why the Declaration of Independence contains the words “accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

It’s much easier to accept our increasingly despotic status quo than to take the sort of real steps needed to reverse course. It should never be the case that the destiny of a country depends on the reelection of a single man, but that is where we unfortunately are.

We need to be demanding that our lawmakers take immediate action now to right the ship. Remember how much progress Democrats made undermining the first Trump administration with the Mueller probe and Russia, Russia, Russia — and that was when Republicans controlled the White House and both the House AND Senate?

We still control the House, we control the Supreme Court, and we’re well on our way to retake the Senate and the Presidency. Time to step up, now. Subpoena Bragg, James, and Merchan. File articles of impeachment against Biden, Mayorkas, and Garland. Fast track President Trump’s criminal charges to the Supreme Court to dispose of these bogus claims once and for all. That’s within our power— why aren’t we doing it?

President Trump is an incredible role model for all who stand for the truth, honor and freedom in America.

To hell with the fascist Democrats.  They can all go where they belong.

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