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TOTALLY Corrupt and Criminal Biden DOJ Classifies Biden Interview with DOJ Special Top Secret

The Biden/Obama gang isn’t hiding it.  The rule of law doesn’t pertain to them. 

Corrupt and compromised Joe Biden had numerous classified documents in his possession that he stole from the US government while he was Senator and Vice President.  It was a crime for him to have these documents in his possession.

Biden must have stole the documents to prevent his and Obama’s crimes from being revealed or to help American enemies like China.  He likely sold these to China which is treason.

Instead of arresting Biden, his corrupt and criminal DOJ set up President Trump with documents they sent to him, raided his iconic home Mar-a-Lago, and stole numerous documents from President Trump.  Planting the documents with President Trump and stealing them and other documents from President was criminal.

The Trump case is falling apart as a real judge doing her job, Judge Cannon, is getting to the truth.

Biden was given a pass by the corrupt DOJ and no charges were identified despite Biden’s likely treasonous crimes.

The DOJ claimed that they interviewed Biden and shared a transcript of the interview with Congress.  Congress called the corrupt DOJ’s bluff and requested the audio or video of the interview.

This is when the DOJ freaked out and the Biden gang claimed that the audio that they had already supplied a transcript of to Congress was then classified by Biden as something that was protected by Executive Privilege.

Attorney Jeffrey Clark claimed that this made no sense because the transcript was already released and because the audio was the possession of the “Special Counsel” Biden set up to review his documents.  The Special Counsel was supposedly “independent’ of the Biden White House.

Biden Illegally Using Executive Privilege in His Document Scandal to Hide Evidence

This didn’t work and so the corrupt and criminal Biden DOJ today classified the audit of Joe Biden’s interview with the DOJ as super-duper classified, not to be shared with Congress.

What are the odds that Joe Biden never was interviewed by Biden’s corrupt DOJ in the first place and the entire investigation of Joe Biden’s criminal classified document acts was never even performed?

9 thoughts on “TOTALLY Corrupt and Criminal Biden DOJ Classifies Biden Interview with DOJ Special Top Secret”

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    • In order to be employed through you, you need our name, address and social security number. No one here is that damn dumb. Go to a liberal site.

  2. Selling influence and selling documents are similar and related activities.

    Congress of course has a right to classified documents. It also has full oversight over the DOJ, which it created.

  3. The Biden train wreck gets away with another, “In your face crime.”. Nothing will come of it. The Biden syndicate is above the law..

    • That’s why they say “vote your way in” but can’t “vote your way out”. (< for the censors).
      We got this! We just don't know when!

  4. The fiven finger syndicate has a lot of control. sci secret compartmented information never was a interview or tapes.; hell at least nixon had tapes.

  5. It’s obvious pedojoe is not holding up, he’s not going to make November. Isn’t it concerning that there are no efforts to replace him? We cannot prosecute a vegetable…


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