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President Trump is Limited by Gag Orders So He Shared the Following

President Trump shared a couple of messages today to his followers about the attacks against him from the left. 

President Trump shared a message with his followers today in a fundraising email.

Throughout October, the attacks against our movement accelerated like never before.

The month began with me sitting in a courtroom, as Democrats attempted to invoke the “corporate death penalty” upon me and my family.

Then, a gag order was imposed upon me to restrict my First Amendment right to Free Speech in the middle of a presidential election.

Finally, the month is ending with a sham trial aimed at REMOVING my name from the ballot in 2024.

In another email, the President shared:

Due to the recent update regarding the Biden Gag Order, I am limited in what I can say to you, Joseph.

While my free speech has been restricted, as of this moment, I still have the constitutional right (for now) to say these four words:





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