Soros Behind Effort to Unconstitutionally Remove President Trump from 2024 Ballot in Colorado | Joe Hoft


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Soros Behind Effort to Unconstitutionally Remove President Trump from 2024 Ballot in Colorado

Melanie Sloan Soros Lackey

George Soros, who assisted Nazis pillage from Jews in WWII, is behind the effort to unconstitutionally remove President Trump from the Colorado ballot in 2024. 

Had he not given so much money to crooked politicians it appears likely that George Soros would never have been given citizenship in the US and actually might have been arrested for war crimes.

Soros himself admitted stealing from Jews in WWII and helping the Nazis get away with the booty.

From there Soros came to the US and spent billions getting corrupt lawmakers to destroy the US and make it a fascist nation.

One method of destroying the US was to create non-profits with special purposes to destroy freedom in this country.  This abuse of tax law alone is enough bring him to court.  If we had a just Justice Department this would have been done years ago.

One group that George Soros funds is Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics.  Of course, their name is the polar opposite of what they do.  For example, this group is trying to remove President Trump from the ballot in Colorado.

To do this the Soros gang has a corrupt judge.

They also have as a star witness the creepy head of the group that is going after President Trump’s constitutional rights.  Laura Loomer reports:

The lawsuit filed in #Colorado to keep President Trump off the ballot in CO in 2024 was originally filed in early September of this year with the financial backing of a @GeorgeSoros funded organization called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

Meet Melanie Sloan @misloan2 , the founding Executive Director of CREW. In this video, she admits that George Soros funds CREW, and she stutters when she is probed about whether Soros (the largest donor to the Democrat Party) gives CREW directives on what to do.

“George Soros is very happy with what we do”, she says.

In trial today, CREW is arguing that President Trump should be disqualified from serving as President for another term because they believe he participated in “insurrection” against the US on January 6, 2021 and that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment disqualifies him from being on the ballot.  This is a Soros funded WITCH HUNT against President Trump. This lawsuit is ELECTION INTERFERENCE funded by Progressive groups that deceptively present themselves as non-profits. #Trump2024

The Secretary of State in Colorado is also very corrupt and backed by Nazi assistant Soros.

These people hate President Trump because they hate the Constitution that protects our freedom. 

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