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Phone Data from Epstein Island Leaked – Why Now?

Mobile phones of many visitors to Epstein’s Island were released this week.  

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Nearly 200 mobile devices were used by those who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous “pedoph*le island” in the years leading up to his death. The cell phone signals left a trail of data going back to the visitors’ homes and businesses.

Maps of these visits were created by a controversial multinational data broker with military sector links, Wired reported. Those trails show the repeated excursions of affluent and prominent persons who seemed unconcerned with Epstein’s position as a convicted sex offender.

Near Intelligence, a location data broker embroiled in allegations of mismanagement and fraud, has gathered data that reveals with high precision the residences of many guests of Little Saint James, a property in the United States Virgin Islands where Epstein is accused of grooming, assaulting, and trafficking numerous women and girls.

A map of phone use on the island was released showing many in use all over the island, even in the water.  Teenage and underage girls were trafficked to and from the island.  This occurred over a number of years.  Yet, not one pedophile has been charged to date.

Not One Child Rapist Colluding with Jeffrey Epstein Has Been Indicted to Date – Not One

Epstein was eventually arrested and was found dead in the most secure jail in the US.  AG Bill Barr claimed the murder was suicide but everyone knows this is a lie.

TUCKER CARLSON with Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother: Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

More information where nothing gets done. 

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