OUTRAGEOUS: Corrupt Biden DOJ Wants “Every Single Piece of Information In This Case Hidden from the American Public” | Joe Hoft


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OUTRAGEOUS: Corrupt Biden DOJ Wants “Every Single Piece of Information In This Case Hidden from the American Public”

The corrupt Biden gang at the DOJ wants every single piece of information hidden from the American people in their BS case against President Trump.

The Biden gang of corrupt and criminal crooks at the DOJ wants to hide the truth from the American people in their deranged indictment of President Trump in DC.

President Trump’s attorney was excellent today on the Sunday morning shows on the corrupt and dishonest media channels.

President Trump attorney John Lauro appeared on Face the Nation with Major Garrett to discuss and debate the Biden administration’s criminal prosecution of President Trump for contesting the results of the 2020 election.

At one point, the discussion went as follows:

MAJOR GARRETT: You mentioned discovery. In the protective order back and forth between you and the prosecutors, it says, the prosecution, that discovery will be provided, quote, ‘As soon as possible, including certain discovery to which the defendant is not entitled’. What’s wrong with that?

LAURO: We’re all in favor of protecting sensitive and highly sensitive information. But it’s unprecedented to have all information hidden in a criminal case, including, by the way, information that might be exculpatory and might be exonerative of President Trump. The Biden administration wants to keep that information from the American people.

MAJOR GARRETT: John, in the back and forth on this matter, you also said in the filing to the court that the former president would be willing to come to an agreement on this matter. And what I want to ask you is would that requirement be something where the President would agree not to release any information that was highly sensitive in this matter and would he also refrain from any speech that called for or hinted at retribution about anyone associated with the prosecution of this case?

LAURO: He’s never called for that at all. He’s going to abide by the conditions of his release. But of course, we would agree that any sensitive or highly sensitive information be kept under wraps. In fact, we made that proposition to the Biden administration, but they rejected it. They want every single piece of evidence in this case hidden from the American public.

That’s all you need to know.  The Biden Administration doesn’t want a fair trial.  They want an indictment of President Trump at all costs.  Even if it means destroying the USA in the process. 

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