The Judge and Prosecutor in Trump DC Case Previously Worked Together to Cover-Up Case Where Pakistanis Stole House Democrats’ Emails | Joe Hoft


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The Judge and Prosecutor in Trump DC Case Previously Worked Together to Cover-Up Case Where Pakistanis Stole House Democrats’ Emails

The Obama judge and a corrupt prosecutor in the Biden DOJ’s sham case of President Trump in DC worked previously to give foreign spies their freedom after they spied on 44 Democrats in the US House.  

On Sunday, it was reported that the judge in the corrupt DOJ’s bogus case of President Trump in DC was appointed by Obama, donated to Obama, has a husband who was appointed by Obama, and a record of severely punishing conservatives in Trump cases while setting Democrat related individuals free.

Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan has a horrible record of justice while sitting on the bench in Washington, D.C.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Obama Judge Overseeing President Trump’s Case Has a History of Outrageously Corrupt Rulings Crushing Conservatives and Letting Liberals Off Scot-Free

We also learned that one corrupt DOJ prosecutor in the Trump case in DC has a horrible record of prosecuting conservatives relentlessly while giving Democrats out-of-jail-free cards.

Corrupt DOJ prosecutor J.P. Cooney is after conservatives with a bizarre kind of hate that no fair-minded American exhibits.  His record is similar in that he punishes conservatives while setting Democrats free.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Same DOJ Attorney Prosecuting President Trump, Declined to Prosecute Andrew McCabe for Lying Under Oath, Gave Imran Awan Sweetheart Deal, and More

With their attitudes and actions so similar in their hate for American conservatives and President Trump, it is no surprise that Judge Chutkan and prosecutor Cooney have worked together to cover-up Democrat-related crimes in the past. 

In July of 2018, the case against Pakistani IT specialists who worked for the DNC abruptly ended.  The DOJ prosecutor on the case was J. P. Cooney and the judge was Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan.

A report at the time at FOX News laid the case out.  Here are some excerpts from that report:

In an incredible sweetheart plea deal, Imran Awan – a former IT aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., and other congressional Democrats – pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of making a false statement on a home equity loan.

I sat flabbergasted in the courtroom in Washington as the plea agreement was entered…

…When I asked Justice Department prosecutor J.P. Cooney why the government made this odd plea deal, he just smiled and waved me away as he told me to ask the Justice Department Office of Public Affairs. The office declined to answer my questions.

Shockingly, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia issued a news release about Awan’s plea agreement that made no mention of his IT work for Democrats in Congress, no mention of Wasserman Schultz, and made his case sound like a minor local criminal matter of little interest to anyone. It was headlined: “Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to Making False Statement on Application for Home Equity Loan.”

Ho-hum, right? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth…

Awan is due to be sentenced Aug. 21 and could get off with no jail sentence, according to the plea agreement. Prosecutors said they would not recommend jail time – in effect, giving Awan a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Just like that, the Department of Justice is making an important case go away as if nothing much happened.

Awan’s wife, Hina Alvi, is having all charges against her dismissed as part of the agreement.

Awan, as a part of this plea agreement, also “will not be charged” for any other nonviolent crimes he may have committed in Washington prior to the agreement, according to this deal.

The article mentions:

One of Awan’s former tenants, a retired U.S. Marine, even found and turned over to authorities several computers and smart phones with government markings on them that he found in Awan’s rental property…

…Internal House Inspector General findings have also determined that Awan copied the emails of up to 44 Democratic House members and other personal data and backed them up to a server that reportedly went missing and to a Dropbox account…

…Awan was even Wasserman Schultz’s IT aide when she headed the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which incidentally was when the DNC was hacked, and the information given to Wikileaks.

Judge Chutkan allowed the bogus plea deal to pass through her court.  She undoubtedly knew that it was a total cover-up but since the case covered-up potential damaging and criminal activities found in Democrat emails, she was happy to see the case go away.

These are the corrupt and conflicted individuals the DOJ and Democrats want to oversee the BS Trump case in DC. 

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