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Obama’s Immigrants Flood DC with “Down with Israel” and “Long Live Hamas”

Pro Hamas terrorists and Anti-Israel protestors were all over New York yesterday.

Pro-Hamas terrorist protestors were out in droves in NYC over the weekend.

The crowd were chanting AllahuAkbar in the United States.

One man yells at the protestors saying Hamas killed his family.

The “protestors” begin to damage property reminding us of BLM.

The remnants of BLM also place stickers all over Starbucks.

Islamists stop and block traffic (which is illegal) to show that Islam has taken over New York and Americans sit back and do nothing.

Thank you Barack Obama for destroying this country. No one could have done a more perfect job. Pure evil.

1 thought on “Obama’s Immigrants Flood DC with “Down with Israel” and “Long Live Hamas””

  1. And Americans sit back and let them take over. Go ahead, leave your head in the sand…or wherever it is. The worst is yet to come.


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