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New York Citizen Group Releases Audit Results from 2022 Election Showing

New Citizens Group Press Release

A New York Citizen Group released the results of their audit of the 2022 election in their state.  Based on their analysis it looks like Lee Zeldin was robbed. 

Lee Zeldin was robbed.  With 97% of the vote in, it was reported that Zeldin lost the governor’s race in 2022 by 300,000 votes to a horrible person and governor, Kathy Hochul.  Many thought then that his race was stolen.

Yesterday, the New York Citizen Group released their report on the 2022 election.  Below are some of their comments:

Over 1.4 million counterfeit registrations and another 1.5 million purged records with no purge date.   What really happened in the 2022 NY State governor’s race and who believes it was stolen from another GOP candidate – this time Lee Zeldin?

Below is the report from the New York Citizens Group:

NY Citizens Audit Press Release 09-05-20 by Joe Ho on Scribd

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