Mark Levin Slams Judge Cannon in BS Case Where FBI Stole President Trump’s Documents at Mar-a-Lago | Joe Hoft


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Mark Levin Slams Judge Cannon in BS Case Where FBI Stole President Trump’s Documents at Mar-a-Lago

Mark Levin doesn’t agree with the judge’s actions in the Mar-a-Lago raid case and he shares why.

Mark Levin shares why he is not happy with the judge’s actions against President Trump in the Mar-a-Lago.  Here is a tweet where he explains why.

Judge Cannon blew it. Big-time. A criminal trial in the middle of a presidential election, when I believe most of the primary races are over (or many anyway). And if Trump is found guilty on a single charge, even if he appeals, he will have to carry that into the general election, should he be the GOP nominee. This is why Smith, with the backing of Garland, was hellbent on getting indictments in place and demanding and early trial. He got what he wanted (moving the trial from December to May is inconsequential). So, Cannon has now given her rubber stamp to the election interference scheme of the Biden DOJ and the Democrats. She just didn’t have the guts to stare down the rogue prosecutors and tell them that they will have to wait until the election is over to start their trial, assuming none of the coming (hopefully) motions are not fatal to their case. There is literally no reason to have ruled this way. And every reason not to. Meanwhile, dark money Democrat billionaires are funding leftwing groups that are lobbying secretaries of state across the nation, as well as attorneys general, to keep Trump off the ballot, citing Sec. 3 of the 14th amendment. Once Smith drops his next slew of charges relating to Jan. 6, they will contend Trump led an insurrection and, therefore, should not be eligible to be president. And just in case Trump gets through all of this, Eric Holder and Adam Schiff have already said he should be immediately impeached if he wins the general election. Therefore, it is the Democrat Party position that the election should be overturned and the results “denied.” Good job, Judge Cannon. You really screwed up. And it should now be clear to anyone who is not a die-hard Democrat, that the damage being done to our country is incalculable. However, Republicans are expected to accept all of this. All interference, scheming, plotting, etc., by the Democrats and the Biden regime. And even more. While the Democrats, including at DOJ, unleash every weapon they can conceive of against the GOP and Trump, there’s a full-fledged coverup taking place to protect Biden from indictment. The entire ruling class establishment, and the same FBI/DOJ exposed for political corruption by Durham, have been weaponized to protect Biden. The Bidens stand accused of extortion, bribery, tax fraud, wire fraud, obstruction, money laundering, etc., by FBI whistle blowers, IRS whistle blowers, and memorialized material evidence in the Hunter laptop, texts, emails, SARs reports, shell corporations, etc. And Garland is refusing to appoint a special counsel outside the swamp to independently investigate Biden Inc.

Moreover, Garland fears that given his own conduct, he and his DOJ senior staff could be implicated in obstruction and a coverup. And while the Democrats have made clear they will not accept a Trump victory Republicans are supposed to rollover and swallow whatever is shoved down their throats. It’s not going to work that way. They will not accept the outcome, either. Biden and the Democrats are destroying our electoral system and this republic. They have the full support of a state media that who shares their ideology and very frequently employs their operatives. And Judge Cannon, and other judges in Washington, DC, have participated in this. They’ve let down the country. I don’t give a damn who appointed them. I care what they are or are not doing as sworn judges.

Here is the tweet.

Joe Biden has kept 2,000 boxes of documents from his time as senator and the courts are preventing their release.

Delaware Supreme Court Sides with University of Delaware, Blocks Release of Joe Biden’s Senate Documents – 1850 Boxes of Senate Records!

Classified documents have been found at the Biden home and office and even in China Town in Boston.  Biden does not benefit from the Presidential Records Act which President Trump does and yet the corrupt DOJ goes after President Trump.

“WHEN WILL JACK SMITH AND THE GESTAPO STOP HARASSING TRUMP PEOPLE?” – President Trump After 9 Boxes of Biden Docs Discovered in Boston

America is currently a third-world country.  Obama-Biden and the communist Dems have made this so. 

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