LINDSEY GRAHAM: Corrupt RINO Warmonger Lies and Shows His True Colors | Joe Hoft


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LINDSEY GRAHAM: Corrupt RINO Warmonger Lies and Shows His True Colors

Corrupt RINO Warmonger Lindsey Graham showed his true colors on FOX News with Shannon Bream on Sunday. 

Lindsey Graham is not for America.  He’s for the global elites.  He showed his true colors over the weekend.

Graham became known years ago during the Clinton Impeachment hearings.  Then he got in the Senate and he fell off the integrity cliff into everything but standing up for America.

Conservative Treehouse first reported on Graham last night.

This combative gaslighting from the US Senate about what FISA-702 does is off the proverbial charts.  In this interview, Senator Lindsey Graham starts foaming at the mouth yelling about something that doesn’t even exist.  This is nuts.

FISA-702 ONLY pertains to the private conversations of AMERICANS, not – I repeat – not any intercept or communication method that has to do with a foreigner or foreign adversary.

The only time FISA-702 applies is when an American person is captured in an intercept that has targeted a foreign person. Surveillance of foreign actors, foreign persons and intercepting communication of foreign entities does not require any FISA authority at all.  Foreign actors do not have constitutional protection.

FISA-702 only applies when the intercept of a foreign person is connected to communication with an American person. In that specific scenario FISA-702 gives the U.S. government the authority to query the database of the American person.

However, the database search queries of Americans, people who have no contact with any foreign person, is the privacy aspect that has been abused by the intelligence apparatus. Senator Lindsey Graham comes unglued as he starts gaslighting on this issue.

Senator Graham tells Shannon Bream to not talk about something she doesn’t know anything about as he lies what FISA-702 is about.

Graham was heated and his Senate snake counterpart “Danang” Dick (who lied about being in Vietnam) lie together to the American people.  These people want to spy on us.  They voted for more spying by more methods.

2 thoughts on “LINDSEY GRAHAM: Corrupt RINO Warmonger Lies and Shows His True Colors”

  1. Graham is not a credible person. He consistently fits the pattern of an establishment tool. He is also the clown of the senate. He is cartoonish.

  2. The problem is not Graham…the problem is the idiots who keep voting for him and until that problem is solved we will get nowhere. Graham is but a symptom of the disease.


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