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LIMITED HANGOUT: Molly Hemmingway’s Book “Rigged” Covers Only a Small Portion of the 2020 Election Steal

When the 2020 Election was stolen the American people knew it.  A few people shared what really happened.  Others, like Molly Hemmingway in her book “Rigged” shared only a small piece of the steal and called it quits. 

Molly Hemmingway was invited in front of Congress this week to share her synopsis of the 2020 election.  Her narrative is approved by the corrupt GOP Establishment.  The same gang that runs the GOP Senate and McConnell, the GOP House and all the corrupt state GOP legislatures that refuse to address the real causes of the 2020 Election are those who approve of Hemmingway’s book.

Hemmingway’s book is safe because it only covers a few items from the 2020 Election steal.  She covers the media and Big Tech and Zuckerbucks. Her thesis is that the Democrats stole the election because they bought it.

This past week Hemmingway was allowed to speak in front of the House.  She has the approved narrative.  She shared her narrative and was praised by those who tote the GOP talking points and are able to continue their careers on FOX News (the same organization that gave nearly $1 billion to Dominion Voting Machines without waiting for the release of the Halderman report in Georgia that showed that these machines lack security, can relatively easily be hacked, and once hacked can flip an election).

Tammy Bruce cheered on Hemmingway.

Sean Davis called her presentation “absolute fire”.

Greg Price saluted Hemmingway’s effort.

These people weren’t wrong.  Hemmingway wasn’t wrong, it’s just that her story only included a small fraction of the total story behind the 2020 Election steal.  And by the way, how did the local elections teams spend those millions from Zuckerberg related entities?  Did they pay for ballots or what?  Has anyone addressed that question?

You see it wasn’t only about the money, it was what was done with that money.

The books in the Steal series have been number one best sellers in various categories at Amazon because they cover the items that Hemmingway later covered in Rigged, but they covered the entire picture as well.

These books are written from a professional auditors point of view.  After performing hundreds of audits around the world, you learn how to cover the whole story.  The MAGA crowd was kept out of the counting areas.  The numbers released after the counting was done made no sense, some had unbelievable patterns to them, and many more had multiple errors.  The ballots were then taken away and tampered with in some states.

The systems had numerous issues.  Halderman’s report discussed how they weren’t secure.  Hemmingway doesn’t know that when systems have security issues they are immediately taken out of production at US corporations.  Companies can’t afford intellectual property being stolen or malware inserted into their systems.  All one had to say about the Dominion systems in the 2020 Election was to refer to the CISA report from Georgia.  The US government acknowledges all the issues identified by Halderman.

Ultimately, with all the many issues identified in the audit, the only conclusion that an honest auditor of integrity could arrive at is that the 2020 Election never should have been certified and because of this it was stolen.

Yes, Hemingway is right, but there is so, so much more. 







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