Like Mother, Like Daughter – Gloria Allred and Daughter Lisa Bloom Push Fake Sex Scandals Against Conservatives While Defending Real Sex Predators Like Harvey Weinstein | Joe Hoft


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Like Mother, Like Daughter – Gloria Allred and Daughter Lisa Bloom Push Fake Sex Scandals Against Conservatives While Defending Real Sex Predators Like Harvey Weinstein

Far left California attorney Gloria Allred is famous for promoting unconfirmed sex abuse accusations against prominent Republican politicians days before elections. At the other end of the family table sits her daughter Lisa Bloom, who is famous for representing far left sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein and gross and shocking ‘comedians’ like Kathy Griffin.

Mama attacks conservatives with fake sex scandals while her daughter attacks abused women who stand up to liberal sex monsters!

This week Gloria Allred again promoted her liberal self by standing with a woman, Beverly Nelson, who accused Alabama Judge Roy Moore of sexually abusing her years ago in Alabama. Nelson, 56, held a press conference in New York with embattled attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, alleging Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed her when she was 16 years old.

According to Beverly Young Nelson’s account reported by the Washington Examiner, “Moore offered to drive her home from work one night but instead parked in a “dark, deserted” part of a parking lot behind the restaurant where she worked. Nelson said Moore groped her and “began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch.”

The supposed event has been rebutted by numerous individuals based on numerous facts. Nelson’s own son released a video stating that he felt his step mother was lying. A yearbook provided by Nelson at the press conference appears to have a fraudulent copy of Judge Moore’s signature and as a result Moore’s attorneys are asking Allred to hand over the yearbook for examination. Nelson also said she never saw Judge Moore since the supposed event 40 years ago, but the judge resided over her divorce and she never asked that he be recused at that time and did not note this at the press event with Allred. Judge Moore adamantly denied the allegations.

Allred used the same tactics in last year’s Presidential election, announcing only a few weeks before the election that she represented a couple women who claimed President Trump groped them years before. In a manner similar to what is going down now in Alabama, the Trump accusers never said anything about the so called incidents before Allred presented their accusations to the public.

The far left Los Angeles Times noted at the time –

Allred is a Democrat and a longtime Clinton backer who served as a delegate for her at the Democratic National Convention. She’s also a Los Angeles-based attorney known for her theatrical ways who has gone after powerful politicians in both parties.

In August it was reported that Allred is facing two bar investigations for alleged misconduct.

Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom, is also an accomplished attention seeker who finds herself representing creepy sex predators and failed comedians in an effort to make a buck.

Earlier this year Bloom represented failed comedian Kathy Griffin. Griffin tried to defend herself for holding a fake head that looked like President Trump with blood all over it. After being called out for being violent and gross and not funny, Griffin hired Bloom and held a press conference.

During the conference a California reporter representing the Gateway Pundit (TGP) asked Griffin about her bullying of 11 year-old Barron Trump. Griffin and Bloom both defended the attacks on the president’s young son. Then at the end of the presser the reporter pulled out an artist’s image of Kathy Griffin holding the head of her lawyer Lisa Bloom and asked if they thought it was appropriate.

This was stellar reporting by the TGP California reporter!

After taking more than a few of Griffin’s bucks, Bloom moved on from the Griffin debacle. She next was in the news representing nasty, sick, liberal Harvey Weinstein as news started coming out about Weinstein’s decades long history of masturbating in front of and raping young aspiring Hollywood actresses.

After making more bucks with this stunt, Bloom eventually resigned from representing Weinstein. Daily Mail reported that, “Bloom is still trying to salvage her reputation in the wake of emails revealing her plans to undermine the women who came forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.”

The mother and daughter duo of Allred and Bloom represent all that is wrong with the American legal system, sleazy lawyers and far left politics. Hopefully the voters in Alabama will realize that the left wing mother-daughter dufamily from California are not concerned about what is best for Alabama.




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