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Sessions Must Go! Says Mueller Investigation Based on Facts But Not Enough Facts for Uranium One Investigation!!

The time has come – Jeff Sessions Must Resign!

Yesterday US Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke in front of the House Judiciary Committee on a number of issues. Sessions is famous for recusing himself from any Russia related investigations almost immediately after becoming AG earlier this year which resulted in his Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein creating a Special Counsel on ‘Trump – Russia collusion’ and appointing his friend Robert Mueller as the special counsel.

During the hearing yesterday Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the many clear crimes surrounding the Clinton Campaign, the Democrat Party, the FBI, James Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation and the Russian Dossier.

The Attorney General was noticeably uncomfortable and irritated with the questioning. Rep. Jordan laid out the specific crimes of collusion committed by FBI and DNC operatives in 2016. Jordan pointed out the fake dossier and asked AG Sessions if this was the impetus to spy on the Trump campaign? Sessions would not answer.

At the end of the questioning Rep. Jordan asked Sessions if he would appoint a special counsel to investigate this criminal activity by the FBI and DNC. Sessions told him he would not appoint a special counsel.

Rep. Jim Jordan: Doesn’t that warrant in addition to all the things we know about James Comey in 2016, doesn’t that warrant naming a second special counsel?

AG Jeff Sessions: I would say what it looks like is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel.

AG Sessions refuses to create special counsels for any number of criminal actions that took place during the prior corrupt Obama Administration.

Sean Hannity last night outlined in one of the most thorough presentations to date, these many crimes related to the Clintons and the Obama Administration.

But no, AG Sessions believes that there is not enough evidence for a special counsel into the Clintons but there was enough evidence for the Trump – Russia collusion hoax. Sessions is wrong and he knows it. The entire Trump – Russia collusion story is a farce – it’s not even based on US law!

The corrupt Mueller investigation is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility. Mueller is being asked to do something that is manifestly unattainable.

FOX News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett wrote the most succinct article about the Trump – Russia Collusion investigation to date. In his post Jarrett makes many statements that are almost shocking, but none more than the fact that the entire investigation is lawless. Jarrett states the following about the recent charges reported in the Russia collusion story –

George Papadopoulos pled guilty to a single charge of making a false statement to the FBI. He was not charged with so-called “collusion” because no such crime exists in American statutory law, except in anti-trust matters. It has no application to elections and political campaigns.

It is not a crime to talk to a Russian. Not that the media would ever understand that. They have never managed to point to a single statute that makes “colluding” with a foreign government in a political campaign a crime, likely because it does not exist in the criminal codes.

Jarrett does however make a case against corrupt Hillary –

It is against the law for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to funnel millions of dollars to a British spy and to Russian sources in order to obtain the infamous and discredited Trump “dossier.” The Federal Election Campaign Act (52 USC 30101) prohibits foreign nationals and governments from giving or receiving money in U.S. campaigns. It also prohibits the filing of false or misleading campaign reports to hide the true purpose of the money (52 USC 30121). This is what Clinton and the DNC appear to have done.

Most often the penalty for violating this law is a fine, but in egregious cases, like this one, criminal prosecutions have been sought and convictions obtained. In this sense, it could be said that Hillary Clinton is the one who was conspiring with the Russians by breaking campaign finance laws with impunity.

But that’s not all. Damning new evidence appears to show that Clinton used her office as Secretary of State to confer benefits to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her foundation and cash to her husband. Secret recordings, intercepted emails, financial records, and eyewitness accounts allegedly show that Russian nuclear officials enriched the Clintons at the very time Hillary presided over a governing body which unanimously approved the sale of one-fifth of America’s uranium supply to Russia.

If this proves to be a corrupt “pay-to-play” scheme, it would constitute a myriad of crimes, including bribery (18 USC 201-b), mail fraud (18 USC 1341), and wire fraud (18 USC 1343). It might also qualify for racketeering charges (18 USC 1961-1968), if her foundation is determined to have been used as a criminal enterprise.

The US statutory law is clear and Jarrett points it out. He concludes with the following –

Until now, no one had legal “standing” to argue in court that the appointment of Mueller was illegal. The criminal charges change all that. The two defendants will be able to argue before a judge that Mueller’s appointment by Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein violated the special counsel law.

As I pointed out in a column last May, the law (28 CFR 600) grants legal authority to appoint a special counsel to investigate crimes. Only crimes. He has limited jurisdiction. Yet, in his order appointing Mueller as special counsel (Order No. 3915-2017), Rosenstein directed him to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” It fails to identify any specific crimes, likely because none are applicable.

To put it plainly, Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility. He is being asked to do something that is manifestly unattainable.

Jarrett goes on to point out that corrupt Mueller was hand picked by the Assistant AG Rosenstein to be the special counsel because both men were involved in covering up the Clinton Uranium One scandal. He confirms what we have been saying for months, that Mueller has too many conflicts of interest to be in the role he currently is in.

Mueller should have recused himself months ago. Same with Rosenstein. Sessions should have removed them both since neither has the integrity to recuse themselves. But Sessions also clearly has no courage or integrity.

The Trump Russia collusion investigation is a hoax. It’s a farce that is not ‘based on fact’ as AG Sessions stated yesterday nor is their a crime that was committed. The many Clinton, Mueller, Rosenstein and Obama crimes are based on facts and they should be investigated.

There is no way this Union stands with the Russia collusion investigation in place and no investigation into the Clintons. This must be addressed now!


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