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Joe Biden’s Bigger Boat Shoes Explained

Biden in Boat Shoes

Shame on the fascist communists destroying this country for placing a wrecked and wretched old man in the White House like Joe Biden.  

Joe Biden is unable to walk across a lawn anymore.  He is fragile, mean, old and wretched.  He looks like he’s ready to yell “Get off my yard” any moment but he also looks like he doesn’t know where he is which is why he doesn’t yell.

The RNC noted how Biden shuffles with new shoes like a senile old man ready to fall over any minute.

“Absolute boat anchors” Bonchie from Red State shared.

Bonchie shares:

What’s the deal with Biden’s new old man shoes?…

In the video, there’s a zoomed-in still shot of the shoes. They are oversized Hoka-branded tennis shoes that look like they were made with big enough soles to balance a whale on top of. There’s a large overhand coming off the back presumably meant to keep Biden from tipping over backwards.

Now, look, I understand I might be getting myself in trouble here because some of you may have Hokas. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing them to exercise in, which is their primary use for everyone I know who owns them. That’s not what’s happening here, though. The President of the United States has to wear giant-soled tennis shoes just to walk across the grass to board a helicopter. He’s wearing them with suits, not workout clothes.

Biden is a mess in every which way which is exactly how those running his administration want him.  This allows them to destroy the country they hate while blaming it on the man with Hokas.   They should all be arrested for stealing an election and destroying the greatest country on God’s green earth. 

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