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How to Register for Missouri’s 1st Presidential GOP Caucus – Step-by-Step Instructions

Missouri Republicans will have their 1st Presidential Caucus in 2024.  Below is a step-by-step guide for participating – Be Ready!

The Gateway Pundit reported this week at Missouri will hold its first GOP caucus in 2024.

Missouri has joined several other states in adopting a caucus system for selecting their party’s presidential nominee.

This move comes after the Missouri General Assembly passed a law in 2022 abolishing the traditional March Presidential Preference Primary. The new process, as outlined in Missouri statutes RSMo 115.776, delegates the responsibility of nominating presidential candidates to the established political parties within the state.

The problem is most Missourians don’t know how to be part of the caucus.  Below is a step-by-step guide on how to be a part of this historical event.

This election year, Missouri will NOT have a Presidential Preference Primary. While Missouri will have a Primary Election in August, the ballot will NOT include any presidential candidates.

To select their presidential candidate, Missouri Republicans and unaffiliated conservative voters will have to attend a Presidential “Caucus” on March 2nd, 2024. To participate, caucus attendees must arrive no later than 10 am, as the doors will close at 10 am. Those in line will be allowed into the caucus, but anyone arriving after 10 am will not be permitted into the conference.

Caucus Locations

Here is the link to find your caucus location. If your caucus location is not listed, check back as all caucus locations must be announced by February 16, 2024.

Recommend Pre-registering for the Caucus

Because many people are anticipated to attend caucus assemblies throughout the state, it is highly recommended you pre-register.

To Pre-Register: Go to “” – then select “2024 CAUCUS”.

Once “2024 CAUCUS” is selected – go to “Caucus Pre-registration” (at the bottom).

At “Welcome to the 2024 Missouri Republican Caucus” select “Register for the Caucus” (lower left corner).

Fill out the Pre-registration form. Since the form is very specific, make sure you follow the directions exactly.  A confirmation from the Missouri GOP will be sent to your email. You will need to take this email with you on March 2nd.

Even if you don’t pre-register, you can attend the caucus. For pre-registered individuals, recommend you arrive early and hopefully you will have some time before the caucus begins at 10 am. For those not pre-registered, recommend arriving very early as the lines to get in may be substantial. Don’t forget to factor in the time to park your car.

The meeting doors close at 10 am. Anyone in line at 10 am will be allowed into the caucus, but anyone arriving after 10 am will not be allowed to enter. Bring a photo ID and a copy of your pre-registration email.

For more detailed information, a Caucus Overview is on the Missouri GOP website, some direct topic links are provided throughout this document.

During the 2024 Republican Presidential Campaign, there will be a total of four assemblies (caucus/conventions). The 1st three assemblies are state meetings which will all have essentially the same set of rules.

The fourth meeting is the GOP National Convention this summer in Wisconsin.

  1. March 2nd, 2024: to find your location link:
  2. April 6th, 2024: Congressional District (CD) Convention: Locations TBD
  3. May 4th, 2024: Missouri State Convention, Springfield Expo Center
  4. July 15 – 18, 2024: RNC National Convention: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Link to Key Dates:

The primary purpose of the March 2nd caucus is to select delegates & alternatives to attend the Congressional District Conventions on April 6th.  

  • Delegate: “A person authorized to act as representative for another; a deputy or agent.”
  • Alternate: “Occurring or succeeding by turns.”

Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary

Who can vote at the caucus?

Registered Republicans and Unaffiliated voters may join the caucus. Registered Democrats are not permitted into the caucus. Democrats have a similar ruling as registered Republicans are not allowed into their Presidential assemblies.

Link to County Allotted Delegates:

Prior to the Caucus

Before February 21, 2024, each county will name five members to the “Caucus Credential Committee”. The Credential Committee will judge the qualifications of individual voters in accordance with the “2024 Call to Convention”. This committee will be responsible for verifying the total number of eligible attendees present at the March 2nd caucus.

What to expect at the caucus

Below is the link to Caucus Rules, followed is an overview of the March 2nd caucus process.

The County Committee Chair, or the Committee Chair’s designee, will oversee the beginning of the caucus. There will be a pledge of allegiance and invocation followed by caucus commencement business and then there will be an election for a Permanent Presiding Caucus Chair, who will then take over the meeting.

The Permanent Chair will then have a vote for a Permanent Secretary. The Permanent Secretary will be responsible for the accuracy of the caucus slate(s).

Slate: “A list of candidates for nomination or election.”

(Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary)

Other appointments by the Permanent Chair may include a Parliamentarian, Vote Counters, Sergeant-at-Arms, and more if the Permanent Chair feels additional appointments would be appropriate. Once the Permanent Chair and other positions have been elected/filled, the Permanent Chair will open the floor to attendees to allow for a 3-minute or less nominating speech for their desired presidential candidate.

The caucus will then be divided into sub-caucus participants. If there is not a candidate obtaining the majority of the caucus votes (50% of the caucus plus at least one vote), then, based upon the total number of attendees, as identified by the Credentials Committee, the sub-caucus members will be counted. If a sub-caucus has less than 15% of the caucus voters, that group will be dissolved & those within the group are encouraged to join another sub-caucus group.

During this process, each sub-caucus should elect a leader/spokesperson, who, in the event of a plurality (not a clear 50% plus 1 vote), will be responsible to negotiate on the delegate/alternate distribution with other caucus groups & the caucus Permanent Chair.

This March caucus will have to achieve two slates of delegates & alternates, one for the Congressional District Convention & one for the State Convention. Any name can appear on both slates. The caucus will then vote on the slates as presented.

Depending on the requirements of the individual caucuses, additional business such as discussing the Party Platform may be undertaken before the caucus is closed.

Hope this helps and hope you can be there. 

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  1. Joe,
    Thank you for printing this very important information. Missouri has a new process for voting for the Republican Presidential candidate and not many people know about the process.
    Missouri Voter


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