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Help Wisconsin Overcome Bogus Ruling from Radical Judge Legislating from the Bench

Must Attend Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections February 7th

(The following update was provided by Jefferson Davis – Election Protection for Wisconsin Ad Hoc Committee)

The Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections is holding a very critical emergency Hearing on Wednesday, February 7th, as follows:

  • Who – Wisconsin Electors can testify in support of passing AB1037 (click here2023 Assembly Bill 1037 (
  • What – to define what a “witness address” means.
  • Where – Room 328 Northwest, State Capitol.
  • When – 10:00 A.M. (click here1774518 (
  • Why – because democrats, their attorneys and Dane County Circuit Court Judge somehow don’t know what the word “address” means on absentee ballot certificates.
  • How – please attend in support of AB1037 for Chairman Rep. Krug (R-Nekoosa) and fellow Republican Assembly Committee Members.

The former Chief Legal Counsel and recently appointed Dane County Circuit Court Judge of the Governor’s Office recently ruled that Clerk’s in Wisconsin can now break the law to “cure” absentee ballots missing statutory required information in order for an absentee ballot to be processed for the 2024 election cycle because the Legislature didn’t “define” what an address was for witnesses (click hereDane County judge rules absentee ballots with witness address errors can be counted (

To make matters worse, the same liberal Dane County Circuit Court Judge appears to now be legislating from the bench by ordering the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) to immediately follow his orders to dictate to Clerk’s across Wisconsin (1,852 in total) how to openly break the law by “curing” absentee ballots that are missing statutory required information in order for an absentee ballot to be processed just in time for the 2024 election cycle (click hereDane County judge orders Wisconsin elections officials to move quickly on changing absentee ballot rules (

State Statute 6.87 (click here – Wisconsin Legislature: 6.87(1)) and widely respected Collins Dictionary make it abundantly clear what the word “address” means as a noun and what is required to process an absentee ballot (click here – ADDRESS definition in American English | Collins English Dictionary (

A Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge ruled in September of 2022 that WEC was breaking the law and needed to immediately instruct Clerks across Wisconsin to simply follow the law by not curing absentee ballots that were missing statutory required information in time for the November 2022 General Election (click hereWaukesha judge rules clerks can’t fix ballot address errors – Wisconsin Examiner).

Clerks across Wisconsin responded positively by following the law and making it abundantly clear what it meant to have an address for a witness on the absentee ballot certificate (See attached Sample – Absentee Certificate).

Why is it so important to attend the Hearing on Wednesday, February 7th?

The democrats appear to be poised to do whatever it takes to secure Wisconsin’s prized 10 electoral college votes in 2024.

This “ping pong” approach by democrats of constantly trying to skirt the law, confuse Clerks, and disenfranchise electors needs to be stopped at every angle.

In 2020, nearly 2 million absentee ballots were processed during the Presidential Election resulting in only 4,270 of them being rejected or .002% for missing statutory required information.

In the April 2020 Presidential Primary, around 23,000 absentee ballots were rejected or a 2% rejection rate for missing required statutory information, which is the national norm for rejected absentee ballots.

The Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) completed their review of the 2020 Presidential Election in 2021 and found nearly 7% of absentee ballot certificates examined from 29 communities totaling nearly 15,000 absentee ballot certificates, were missing statutory required information. The LAB review extrapolated out would have meant about 140,000 absentee ballots out of nearly 2 million should have been rejected in 2020 instead of just 4,270.

The 2020 Presidential Race was supposedly decided by 20,682 votes.

There is a sister bill in the Senate (SB966 – click here – 2023 Senate Bill 966 (

The Senate Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection (SRECP) has yet to schedule a Hearing on SB966.

Action Plan…

Hope you can make it on Wednesday.

Good luck Wisconsin 


2 thoughts on “Help Wisconsin Overcome Bogus Ruling from Radical Judge Legislating from the Bench”

  1. Thank you for the info and links. Will be contacting my State Representative and Senator. This judge has gone way beyond his judicial responsibilities. Now this shanaghan’s, Robin Voss and Meagan Wolfe all have to be purged. My Wisconsin pride has taken a beating for a decade or so. Back in the day we had more sense of the responsibility to what makes our State work, more community, honesty and less infringement on our God given rights. Our light is quite a bit dimmer.

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