Gregg Phillips Is Frustrated That Not Even Conservative Media Is Covering His Trial in Georgia | Joe Hoft


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Gregg Phillips Is Frustrated That Not Even Conservative Media Is Covering His Trial in Georgia

Gregg Phillips

True the Vote is in a case in Georgia this week against the corrupt Stacy Abrams campaign and the media is silent.  

As reported previously:

True the Vote, the group behind the blockbuster election movie “2000 Mules” claimed that 364,000 voters registered in Georgia in the 2020 Election were ineligible to vote.

In early October, Catherine Englebrecht from True the Vote released her affidavit that showed that Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his attorney Ryan Germany lied to President Trump on the infamous phone call in early January 2021.  They denied any election irregularities in Georgia in the 2020 Election and yet they were privy to bucket loads of information that the election in 2020 was stolen, including the information from Englebrecht on the hundreds of thousands of voters in Georgia in 2020 who were ineligible to vote.

True the Vote Goes to Trial in Georgia Against Stacy Abrams Organization Fair Fight

Gregg Phillips is frustrated that the media is ignoring his important case.  Phillips says not only is the Mainstream Media (MSM) ignoring his case but so is conservative media.

@01010001 hard to understand the lack of attention that is being given by our side to the trial we are in RIGHT NOW.

The left gets it. They sent Stacy Abrams, Marc Elias and the Biden DOJ down here to fight.

Other than me and Catherine, who else is here? Who else in any kind of influence or leadership role is speaking up? Lots of events, movies and books. Nothing here.

Let me be clear. If we lose the right to challenge dirty voter rolls, we lose. Big time.

Kinda goes back to true north.

If there was ever a demonstration of good vs evil and the spiritual war this is it.

In twelve months it’s over.

It’s time to fight. Please kit up and join us.

Let’s see what happens this week in Georgia.  

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