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Garland Favorito from VoterGA Says Raffensperger’s Report to Legislature “Withheld Facts and Contained Many False Statements…”

Garland Favorito from VoterGA has led the fight against corrupt elections in Georgia for a long time.  He presented the following evidence outlining the 42 false statements made by Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. 

In February of 2022, VoterGA’s Garland Favorito presented his rebuttal to Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State’s remarks on the 2020 Election.  Favorito rebutted 42 items with facts.

Included in his rebuttal Favorito said:

This wasn’t a mistake.  He [Raffensperger] didn’t accidentally overlook a couple of pieces of information when he wrote this 10 page letter.  This was a systematic effort to mislead and lie to the United State Congress members and to the entire Geogia General Assembly.  42 false statements in a 10 page letter, that is more along the lines of a pathological issue than it is a mistake.  That’s what’s very disturbing.

And the other thing that’s disturbing is that he had three separate investigations conducted by the Georgia General Assembly and he never mentioned a single shred of evidence in all of those investigations that were conducted in December 2020 that found a significant part of the information that we presented today. He withheld that information to all of the legislatures.  I think that is atrocious…

Of all these 42 points of lies.  He had that information on January 6th [2021].  And he deceived the Georgia General Assembly and he decieved the Congress…in attempting to cover up the fraud, errors and irregularities of the Georgia 2020 General Election.

Here is Favorito’s rebuttal to corrupt Raffensperger.

VOTERGA Raffensperger Congr… by Jim Hoft

Georgia’s Raffensperger’s Report to Legislature “Withheld Facts… Contained Many False Statements and Deceptively Misleading Claims” – VoterGA’s Garland Favorito in 42 Item Rebuttal (VIDEO)

Favorito also gave this presentation at that time outlining the many false statements by Raffensperger.

LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: Garland Favorito and VoterGA Present “The Truth About the Georgia Elections – 42 Refutations of Raffensperger Claims ” — at 10 AM ET

Garland Favorito is going to be a very good witness against those who claim that the 2020 Election was free and fair in Georgia. 

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