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“Former” CIA Agent Will Hurd is dropping out of the race – WHO?

“Former” CIA Agent Will Hurd is dropping out of the race.  His efforts to slander President Trump won him no votes and no love. 

“Former” CIA Agent Will Hurd who entered the 2024 Presidential race to slander and besmirch President Trump has exited the race after doing his best to hurt President Trump.

Hurd participated in one event where the GOP allowed him to slander President Trump.

Who’s Paying CIA Agent Will Hurd to Slander President Trump at Campaign Events and Why Does GOP Allow This to Happen?

Nasty CIA connected Hurd has exited the race.

Republican presidential candidate former Rep. Will Hurd of Texas is ending his long-shot bid for the White House and endorsing one of his rivals for the GOP nomination.

Hurd, a former CIA spy turned three-term congressman who in June launched an uphill bid for the 2024 Republican nomination announced on social media Monday that “it has become clear to me and my team that the time has come to suspend our campaign.”

Hurd shows his ignorance in choosing Haley who has no chance of ever winning over the MAGA monster crowd.

Good riddance “Former” CIA Agent Hurd.

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