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Who’s Paying CIA Agent Will Hurd to Slander President Trump at Campaign Events and Why Does GOP Allow This to Happen?

“Former” CIA and US Representative Will Hurd lies and gets booed off of stage at Iowa event. 

Will Hurd, who’s not good looking, was a horrible US Representative and who has no chance in hell of becoming US President joined the 2024 race apparently to lie and besmirch President Trump.  He is not the only candidate to do so.  This appears to be the strategy for most the GOP candidates.

Hurd is more disgusting than most.  He is like the male lying Liz Cheney.

Yesterday, Hurd got booed off of the stage for lying about President Trump.

FOX News reports:

Republican presidential candidate and former Texas Congressman Will Hurd was booed off the stage at a campaign event in Iowa on Friday after he began railing against former President Donald Trump.

The instance occurred at the end of Hurd’s speech at the Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines when he declared Trump was running for president “to stay out of prison,” rather than to “make America great again.”

“The reason Donald Trump lost the election in 2020 is he failed to grow the GOP brand in areas like women with a college degree in the suburbs, Black and Brown communities, and people under the age of 35,” Hurd said as he began laying into Trump.

What another nasty piece of work.

Who is paying this CIA agent and why is he allowed to present at events with President Trump?

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