Forensic Expert Claims Massive Switch of 50,000 Votes in Pennsylvania in 2020 Election | Joe Hoft


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Forensic Expert Claims Massive Switch of 50,000 Votes in Pennsylvania in 2020 Election

IT Expert Greg Stenstrom says that 50,000 votes were flipped in Pennsylvania three days after the 2020 Election. 

This is a shocking report.

A warehouse supervisor is alleged to have entered a Pennsylvania voting precinct shortly after the 2020 election and used a portable vDrive to flip more than 50,000 votes.

Patrick Webb discussed the allegations in detail on Twitter. The allegations come from computer forensic expert Greg Stenstrom, who testified under oath about what he saw.

This all is supported by videos shared on Twitter/X.

Savage is shown in a video conspiring with

Here is Gallagher, a lawyer in Delaware County destroying evidence from the election.

There is much more on Twitter/X on this story. 

10 thoughts on “Forensic Expert Claims Massive Switch of 50,000 Votes in Pennsylvania in 2020 Election”

  1. Thrown elections have consequences. Ignoring the crime after-the-fact brings a whole new set of consequences.

    The same thing can be said of 9/11.

  2. More proof and more to come, but too late. My proof that the election was stolen was simply looking at the two idiots who were elected president and VP. There can be no more proof needed than that. What’s incredible, is that no one on the Right saw this coming and nor did anything about it. The Marxist media, of course, is complicit in this along with Marxist Commie (former) Democratic Party.

  3. Nothing will be done. Historical political precedence and the deliberate introduction of neurotoxic and excitotoxic chemical ‘additives’ in mid-to-low budget food & water supplies since the 60’s guarantees it. I mean – how can voting work when ones vote literally has no effect on pre-determined policies??

    I recall a couple years after the 2000 ‘election’ ‘win’ for G. W. Bush, a court found what mostly everyone had suspected all along – that the voting machines had been rigged to ensure he won.
    As far as I know that was the first time an American election had been legally and publicly confirmed by a court of law as having been rigged.

    But what happened after this court declared that election had been tampered with – implying G. W. Bush’s win to be null & void?

    ‘You’re two years too late – aw shucks!(If only you’d figured it out sooner…!)’ Became the official position. ‘To do anything now except accept it would “destroy America”‘ they told us, as they poorly hid their joy at not only getting away with it, but getting away with it after they had been proven guilty by their own legal system.
    Oh how RICH Bush & Co. became. What a lucky guy! God was even on his side, apparently…maybe The Almighty heard the “You’re either with us or against us” speech and became humbled at the level of power holding an old coke-headed alchoholic up as the masthead of a (albeit self-confessed)planetary police force? Who knows?

    IMO that was when they stopped being so covert about social engineering ‘initiatives’.
    They realised the majority in their pen are now predominantly sheep. The few goats left ‘spoiling’ the herd pose little threat of causing unrest after a decades-long, subtle campain to eradicate them. I bet they’re chuffed to be able to work so openly nowadays.

    Every election since G. W has been rigged and will continue to be because the people allow(ed) it to continue.
    There is noone on this planet that is power-hungry enough and egotistical enough to want to rule a country, that WOULD NOT grasp the chance to also control the outcome of elections, especially when the power to do so is handed to them on a plate. Even good people would be tempted by such absolute power.

    Freedom isn’t free, after all.

    • It’s been rigged much longer than GW. Devvy Kidd has been writing about it for over 30 years. What is misrepresented about 2020 and Florida, is that the Supreme Court decided the question. It didn’t. The Supreme Court decision was that it was, under the Constitution, the Florida State Legislature determined how votes are conducted and counted. Brother Jeb had already issued the recall to the Legislature to certify the Electors for GW.
      Interestingly, several states went to the courts to change how votes were to be conducted in 2020, and were successful, despite the Supreme Court’s 2020 ruling.

  4. Because of these crooks, millions of people around the world have fied under the illegal Biden Administration. The damage to our country is enormous. Lock them up and throw away the key.

  5. JOE, I know it was a while ago but . . .

    #TrumanBlack Has Created A Computer Script That Combs Thru All The Election Data & Identifies Votes That:
    “SWITCHED” FROM #TRUMP TO #BIDEN & Votes “LOST” That just Disappeared!
    Data Shows
    Pennsylvania : Switched : 220,883 Lost Votes : 941,248
    Michigan : Switched : 20,213 Lost Votes : 21,882
    Georgia : Switched : 17,407 Lost Votes : 33,574
    Arizona : Switched : 4,492 Lost Votes : 0
    Minnesota : Switched : 2,766 Lost Votes : 195,650
    Wisconsin : Switched : 2,078 Lost Votes : 3,408
    Virginia : Switched : 12,163 Lost Votes : 789,023
    Nebraska : Switched : 30,086 Lost Votes : 50
    — John Basham (@JohnBasham) November 11, 2020

  6. The four boxes of liberty is an 19th-century American idea that proposes: “There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge. Please use in that order.”

    Ok …. let’s see.

    Soap box: Ineffective in an atmosphere dominated by totally fake, scripted, mainstream media.

    Ballot box: The communists are counting the votes so they don’t give a damn about real votes.

    Jury box: The court system has been largely co-opted and is really used as a profit center in many failed cities and states.

    Cartridge box: Interesting idea. Who goes first?

    There’s a really good movie out this year called “Civil War”. The last 5 minutes is worth it’s weight in gold.

  7. I’m so happy I bugged out to China. The land of bullet trains, 50 cent 600 ml beers, $1 pack of Virginia seed cigarettes, safe cities, great food, affordable first world health care, beautiful women, no debt, no mortgages, credit card balance at zero. No homeless. No zombies. No Neverminds to ruin your day.
    Time for another nap.

    • Lol. I’m glad your happy.

      Did you get a chance to visit the reeducation camps for the Uyghurs? Or did you get a chance to witness the organ harvesting industry? I don’t know if my brain would tolerate watching someone perfectly healthy have their organs removed. Or maybe you’re a fan of the ChiCom facial recognition and government checkpoints? Maybe you like visiting the indigenous living under ChiCom rule in neighboring countries like Tibet?

      If ever their was a regime begging for a color revolution — it’s the ChiComs.


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