EMERALD ROBINSON: Why Doesn’t the GOP in Congress Bring in Those Really Targeted and Censored? (Like Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit) | Joe Hoft


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EMERALD ROBINSON: Why Doesn’t the GOP in Congress Bring in Those Really Targeted and Censored? (Like Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit)

Emerald Robinson is right.  Why isn’t the GOP bringing in those who are the real targets of Deep State censorship in front of Congress?

Emerald Robinson released a great article on Substack where she asks the obvious – why is the GOP not bringing in those who are really censored by the Deep State censorship process?

Recently, I was looking through the work of the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government — a committee run by Republicans like Jim Jordan — along with the expert testimony of their witnesses.

This was more than just an academic exercise for me since I was one of the journalists who had actually experienced “the weaponization of the federal government” when I was attacked by America’s (government-supported) corporate media in 2020 for asking President Trump why Dr. Fauci had provided millions in grant money to the Wuhan Lab and when I was deplatformed in 2021 from Twitter for warning people about undisclosed ingredients in the COVID “vaccines.”

One name that kept coming up as an “expert witness” before Congress on government censorship was: Michael Shellenberger.

Which intelligence agency did Michael Shellenberger work for?

What level of security clearance did Michael Shellenberger have?

What kind of government censorship had Michael Shellenberger suffered?

The answer to all of these questions turned out to be: none…

Robinson goes on about Shellenberger calling him a shapeshifter:

So I went looking through the biography of Michael Shellenberger.

In 2018, Shellenberger ran as a candidate for California governor as a Democrat. He started a bunch of PR firms linked to environmental causes. He seemed to be a nuclear energy lobbyist who wrote books advocating for nuclear energy for a number of years. In 2022, he ran again as a candidate for California governor — this time as an independent. Then, he started a Substack journalism site called Public at about the same time that he was involved in breaking some of the Twitter Files — along with people like Bari Weiss and Matt Taibbi. Then in 2023, he started showing up at House hearings as an expert on government censorship.

That’s quite a stretch.

Shellenberger had not been a journalist for more than a year when he found himself in Congress as an “expert in censorship.”

Then in November 2023, Shellenberger got a gig as a professor of “Politics, Censorship and Free Speech” at the University of Austin.

How does a guy, with no expertise, testify on government censorship before Congress in May 2023 and September 2023 — and then get hired as a professor in that field two months later? He must have applied to be a professor on censorship before he ever appeared as an expert on censorship.

Another curious thing about Michael Shellenberger appearing as an expert witness before Congress in 2023 is that there’s literally dozens of right-wing journalists and media outlets who were censored by the government on Twitter — Zero Hedge, Gateway Pundit, New York Post — and the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government does not want to talk to any of them.

The conservative journalists and the media outlets that were actually banned and deplatformed and censored on social media are being erased from the story.

That’s not a bug — it’s a feature of the work of the House Committee, and of left-wing journalism in general. Are you confused? Sure, the Biden regime has been doing all the heavy lifting in terms of government censorship, but the GOP has been a willing and compliant partner to the First Amendment’s demise all along.

That’s why the “Twitter Files” are full of evidence about the federal government censoring conservative journalists and conservative media outlets — and none of those journalists were contacted or informed about that evidence by Congress.

Robinson is right.  She is courageous and strong as well.

(I lost my Twitter account and never got it back.  I was targeted by the Deep State because I was so effective in my reporting.  I was targeted as much as anyone by these monsters on the left.  In the Election Integrity’s report on the censorship of the 2020 election related articles, The Gateway Pundit was the most censored site which the most ground breaking articles were mine.)

These actors running the GOP across the country are playing with the other team.  They do not care about the truth.  They allow the left to commit crimes and do whatever they want.  The GOP is weak.

Americans who are really getting censored and attacked for accurate reporting are on their own.  This is the GOP’s message. 

2 thoughts on “EMERALD ROBINSON: Why Doesn’t the GOP in Congress Bring in Those Really Targeted and Censored? (Like Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit)”

  1. While your point about inviting conservative victims of censorship is well taken, the reasons Shellenberger and Taibbi were spotlighted were A) the Twitter files were a huge deal that vast numbers of citizens knew about and were invested in, and B) they are what used to be called “liberals”–statists; government lovers. It was thought that that would give their testimony added credibility, which it did for our side, but not for the totalitarian left’s.


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