E. Jean Carroll’s Attorney Kaplan Resigned from Times Up Board After Targeting Alleged Cuomo Sex Victim | Joe Hoft


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E. Jean Carroll’s Attorney Kaplan Resigned from Times Up Board After Targeting Alleged Cuomo Sex Victim

Attorney Roberta Kaplan

E. Jean Carroll’s attorney knows how to manipulate alleged sexual assault cases.  

Last week, a jury awarded E. Jean Carroll a ridiculous $83.3 million in damages for alleged defamation by Donald Trump.  This award was totally unprecedented for a case where the day, month and year of the alleged incident is unknown.

This is New York today.

We soon learned that the judge (Judge Kaplan) is a biased and corrupt Clinton appointed judge, and the case was funded by LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman who traveled to Epstein’s Island where underage women were trafficked to the rich and famous.

We then learned that the attorney backing E. Jean Carroll was a protege of the judge which is a blatant conflict of interest.  This never should have happened in a US court.

Corrupt Kaplan and Kaplan Caught in Huge Lie – They Should Lose Their Bar Licenses and the BS New York E. Jean Carroll Case Should Be Overturned

Yesterday in an interview with Tara Reade from Russia, we learned more about attorney Kaplan.  Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexual abuse years ago and she was persecuted for it.

It turns out that E. Jean Carroll’s attorney Kaplan resigned from a the Board of “Times Up” because she reportedly provided New York Governor Cuomo an attack plan against one of his accusers.

The litigator’s resignation from the board of the group, which supports victims of sexual harassment, is the latest fallout in the wake of a report from outside investigators hired by the state Attorney General’s Office.

High-profile attorney Roberta Kaplan has resigned from the Time’s Up board after findings in an investigative report that she consulted on a draft op-ed criticizing the first woman to accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.

The draft, which was never published, was part of a larger campaign from the Cuomo administration to discredit former aide Lindsey Boylan, who first accused the third-term governor in December 2020.

Tara Reade addressed this yesterday on the Joe Hoft Show:

These are the kind of people who go after good Americans like President Trump. 

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