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Would You Trust E. Jean Carroll and Judge Kaplan Around Your Children?

Would you trust these people around your children?

Yesterday the corrupt Clinton appointed Judge Kaplan awarded a judgement to E. Jean Carroll in another bogus case against President Trump in New York.

Here is how attorney Jeff Clark outlined the results of this trial – (not the comment below Clark’s tweet is also exceptional):

Clark shares:

Let me make a mathematical point about the new E. Jean Carroll verdict — actually a mathematical point combined with a point about the law of preclusion.

The original verdict was about $5 million, which should be res judicata between Trump and Carroll for damage to her reputation.

But the new verdict is over $83 million.

This makes no mathematical sense and cannot be squared with the law of preclusion. The only way that the damages for renewed defamation could exceed the original $5 million is by virtue of a new punitive damages component which itself cannot be unmoored to baseline compensatory damages. A reputation once injured and compensated cannot be recompensed a second time at more than an order of magnitude higher than the original recompense.

But the damages here do not meet those basic conditions. Ergo, it is illogical. Ergo, it is illegal. Ergo, it is a travesty of justice.


Commenter singmatedie shared this:

Strange how NY passed a law giving her 9 months to file suit since her statute of limitations had ran already years and years ago. That passed this temporary law to give her time to file. Everyone knows it. Then she had absolutely 0 evidence. She thinks the year was 1994 but not sure because she says that dress she had on for sure when it happened but that dress wasn’t even made then. No store clerk, no screams, no witnesses of the store incident, no receipt records or video records or nothing. No clerks remember seeing them in the store that day around the same time or nothing. Since when can men just walk into a women’s dressing room. So another fucked up NY law. If it is a sexual assault or worse case, and you have no witnesses. You can bring character witness to show that the defendant had done this before to other women. Yes there were women who said he kissed them or I think one said he grabbed her butt and another said he tried to kiss her. However these are not related to this supposed crime and in other states you need some type of evidence. She didn’t even know what day or year so how on earth could he present an alibi. He could have been out of town, state or the country or in business meeeting he could have probably produced an alibi for any date she had as a business man if she could possible give a date. Strange that she didn’t even know the year but remembered the dress and saved it without cleaning it all that time and never filed charges before.

E. Jean Carroll shared tweets like the following in the past:

Judge Kaplan repeats lies from the first trial as President Trump is brought up to testify:

“Mr. Trump in fact sexually abused Ms. Carroll by forcibly and without her consent inserting his fingers into her vagina. Mr. Trump cannot offer any evidence or make any argument before the jury disputing or undermining those determinations.”

How sick are these two individuals?  Is New York proud of this?  All this based on a story where the law is changed so an accuser with a bizarre past is allowed to bring forward a case where she doesn’t know the day, month or year but does remember the dress she was wearing that wasn’t even designed during the time range of the accused rape?

The Democrats have new lows.  This isn’t America.  This is Nazi Germany where good people are attacked and persecuted for wanting to keep America free and weirdos you wouldn’t trust around your children are given a voice to spew fantasies. 

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