Crooked Dirty Deputy AG Rosenstein Misleads Congress – Lies and Takes Credit for Inspector General Activities

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein showed the whole world yesterday that he is indeed a crooked, slimy, dirty, nasty piece of work. He should not be working in the US DOJ – he should be in prison.

In yesterday’s hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein evaded and refused to answer multiple questions posed by House Republicans. But when he stated over and over that the DOJ Inspector General is doing a thorough review, he neglected to note that the Inspector General’s review that identified Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok’s role in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and Mueller-Russia probe was requested by Congress. There is no evidence that the Inspector General’s review would be occurring if not for Congress’s request. Rosenstein lied!

Fox News Insider reported yesterday that Rep. Jim Jordan grilled Rosenstein:

Jordan focused in on the newly-released text messages from 2016 between agent Peter Strzok and another FBI official with whom he was having an affair.

Strzok, who was demoted and removed from Mueller’s team over the summer, expressed his support for Hillary Clinton, calling Trump a “f***ing idiot” and a “d**che” and writing “F TRUMP.”

Jordan (R-Ohio) read a slew of the messages, claiming Strzok believed himself to be “super-agent James Bond at the FBI” on a mission to protect Americans from Trump. […]

Jordan said in his view, the evidence points to the FBI and the Obama Justice Department working with the Clinton campaign against the Trump campaign.

“This is unbelievable,” the Ohio lawmaker told Rosenstein.

“I think the public trust in this whole thing is gone,” added Jordan.

Rosenstein replied that “… our Inspector General is doing a thorough review. That’s how we found those text messages as part of that review.”

Jordan replied to this stating, “You’ve given that answer about 15 times… ”

The reason that crooked cop Rosenstein gave that answer 15 times is because it is all he has. The DOJ did not request the special review that is taking place now by the Inspector General – Congress did. The fact that criminal and crooked former Mueller team member Strozok was caught texting about criminal activities related to his and other deep state efforts to undermine the Trump administration was because Congress requested the review. It has nothing to do with the DOJ being diligent about preventing criminal activities within its ranks as Rosenstein implies. The investigation was set up to look into the DOJ and crooked former FBI Directors Mueller and Comey and their corrupt actions in the past.

The special review by the DOJ Inspector General was not created by Rosenstein and his fellow spamp monsters, it was put in place because of them. Rosenstein lied!

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