Corrupt George Soros Donates $50 Million to Biden’s 2024 Campaign! | Joe Hoft


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Corrupt George Soros Donates $50 Million to Biden’s 2024 Campaign!


Corrupt, old former Nazi helper in World War II, George Soros has donated $50 million to senile old Joe Biden’s 2024 Presidential campaign. 

It would be great if crooked old Soros wanted to make America great but he doesn’t.  His actions indicate that he resents the US for beating the Nazis in World War II.

President Trump shared this message moments ago:

The Attorney General inciting the New York witch hunt against me – Letitia James – was part of Soros’ $40 MILLION spending blitz in the last election to BUY America’s legal system.

“George Soros spent $40M getting lefty district attorneys, officials elected all over the country”
[Source: New York Post]

George Soros did not buy America’s justice system in order to do good in the world and see that true justice was delivered for all Americans…

Now wouldn’t that have been nice and noble?

Sadly, he had far more sinister plans… Soros bought America’s legal system to try and imprison his political opponents and impose his pro-criminal, left-wing agenda which would never even stand a chance in a free and fair election.

And I’ve become the TOP TARGET of this new weaponized legal system bankrolled by Soros.

I am now being prosecuted by TWO Soros-installed puppets.

Let’s not forget that my very first sham arrest was at the hands of a Soros-backed prosecutor in New York.

After getting away with buying our nation’s legal system, Soros now has his sights set on buying the White House in 2024.

According to FEC reports, he’s already put in $50,000,000 to buying the White House for Crooked Joe:

It’s no mystery that Joe Biden is an incompetent crook who is destroying our country, so the Democrats are now banking on the only strategy they have left: the Soros Money Machine BUYING him four more years.

This election is no doubt the FINAL BATTLE for the heart and soul of America.


3 thoughts on “Corrupt George Soros Donates $50 Million to Biden’s 2024 Campaign!”

  1. THIS POS OF SHIT NEED’S TO BE ELIMINATED NOW !!!! this bastard is truely one of the biggest reason’s for the destruction of America , a true NAZI !!!

  2. Soros is just front men for 6 million jews behind him. He is not finacier, but jewish thug for jews who want to kill all White Adamic Europeans. Jews learn from history and now just place one jew rat in front and rest of them hide behind him. If something collapse and he got expose the rest of them are safe. They avoid massacres and deportation from the past 2000 years.

  3. Zionists are masters of diversion and deflection and have now successfully re-named zionist jews as nazis. Look at all the nazis in ukraine government who carry israeli passports like ziolensky and his 3 top officials.


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