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JUDICIAL ABUSE: Jan 6 Defendant Kim Sorgente Shackled and Berated in Closed Court Before Finally Being Released

Kim Sorgente entering Santa Ana Courthouse with supporters by his side. 

Jan 6 defendant Kim Sorgente had his day in court on Monday in Santa Ana.  The actions of the court can be described as nothing short of abuse. 

Kim Sorgente was scheduled to go to court in Santa Ana on for charges of using a deadly weapon in an altercation with Antifa or a related group.  Sorgente defended himself against an attacker with his bull horn and was arrested for defending himself.  Individuals from a known gang showed with brass knuckles and attacked Americans at the event.  Yet, no one else was charged that day.

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Sorgente also was at the US Capitol on Jan 6.  He witnessed Rosanne Boyland’s death.  Because of this, he was charged for committing crimes at the Capitol.  Sorgente was on his knees begging and crying, urging the Capitol police to stop killing Ms. Boyland but they didn’t listen.  The police cam of Sorgente’s pleas has never been released.

On Monday, Sorgente appeared at court in the morning but the judge delayed the case and pushed it into the afternoon.

Judge Michael Murray’s wife is with the FBI.  In 2022 Judge Murray was investigated on allegations of prosecutorial abuse which was eventually dismissed in December of that year.  California’s judicial watchdog agency dismissed the disciplinary proceedings against Murray.

Sorgente had a number of supporters (11) with him on Monday morning, but after the delay some had to leave.  That afternoon Judge Murray addressed Sorgente’s case, but before he did so, he cleared the courtroom.

After the court was cleared, Judge Murray had the deputies surround Sorgente and “painfully” bind his hands behind his back with tight cuffs and then he proceeded to continue with the hearing while trying to convince Sorgente of the inevitability of his position as judge on this case.

Sorgente had provided support and evidence demanding that Judge Murray recuse himself from the case.  This is due in large part to his wife working for the FBI.  But Judge Murray wanted to stay on the case without any further opposition to his involvement.  (Note that the public was not allowed in the court at this time.)

One individual who was there to support Sorgente was the famous restaurant owner of Basilico’s in Huntington Beach, Tony Roman.  Roman listened in and stood by Sorgente throughout the day.

Judge Murray wanted Sorgente to ignore the law in regards to what are disqualifying factors in a judicial officer. He didn’t want his wife, a senior FBI agent, identified as a reason for bias in the case.  Murray personally removed all the evidence provided by Sorgente from the official record showing Judge Murray’s conflicts of interest in the case.

Sorgente shared with me:

An unprecedented brazen cover up is taking place in these proceedings to hide the truth and I believe given his background, connections, history, and present behavior; this judge has no good intention for me and represents an existential threat to my defense.

He had me bound in court with my arms painfully restrained behind my back for over 20 minutes while he tried to convince me to drop my interest in his removal from my case.

One cannot see what I have seen and be convinced that he has good intentions.

The judge next handed his deputy bailiff the following order and proceeded to conduct the hearing without providing Sorgente time to read it (who is representing himself).

Most of this time three deputies surrounded Sorgente and held him firm with their hands.  Sorgente shared that he told the deputies that he had a shoulder injury but he was still placed in restraints the whole time with all supporters kicked out of the courtroom.  After the conclusion of the hearing, the bailiff deputies removed the restraints and let Sorgente go.

During the hearing, Sorgente argued that it was unnecessary to raise his bail or label him a “flight risk”.  He pointed out that he already had a federal ankle monitor on that tracks wherever he goes and has been wearing it since 2021.  Sorgente also has been out on BAIL for over two years and 4 months with no issues.

Sorgente continues his fight to get all the evidence needed before proceeding with his next PreTrial court date on November 3rd.  The prejudicial judge remains in control of his case and is attempting to move it to a trial as fast as possible. The rights of all Americans are still in question in Biden’s America.

No one should face a this abuse in a court in America.  No one. 

1 thought on “JUDICIAL ABUSE: Jan 6 Defendant Kim Sorgente Shackled and Berated in Closed Court Before Finally Being Released”

  1. I started reading the 700+ DC indictments of January 6th defendants and noticed a common error, if not perjury, committed by FBI agents in their affidavits.
    All of them pushed back the start time of the riot to 1:45 or 2:00, when the riot officially started at 12:52PM, to coincide with the statutory calling to order of the joint session of congress at 1PM.
    This perjury was consistent with each affidavit, and the reason for it? It was to create a ‘nexus’ between the attack on the Capitol with MAGA supporters who arrived 45 minutes to an hour after the Antifa/Democrat attack.
    That is why this judge is persecuting the defendant, who merely arrived at a bad time, seeing the abuse of the Capitol police on MAGA, who didn’t initiate the attack.
    Antifa and the Democrats did.


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