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Comparing the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster to the Early Voting Strategy

Comparing the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster to the Early Voting Strategy

Guest post by Marty

“Take off your Engineering Hat, and put your Management Hat on”

Stenciled on all Space Shuttle’s Solid Rocket Boosters was a low temperature warning of 40 degrees F for operation, but on the morning of Jan 28, 1986 the temperature was 18 degrees on the launch pad.  Common sense should have prevailed to delay the launch until temperatures sufficiently warmed to the required safe operating temperature.  Had the launch been appropriately cancelled, the Space Shuttle Challenger, its crew, and the entire Shuttle infrastructure would have been saved from its historic disaster.

Upon examining the decision flow that led to the catastrophic lack of common sense resulting in the disaster we’ll start from the top.  Huge political pressure was at play, as the evening of Jan 28, 1986 was President Reagan’s State of the Union Address which was pre-written with the simple sentence stating ‘tonight America has its first Teacher in Space’.   As a result, the head of NASA, and all associated agencies under contract weren’t about to cancel the launch, no matter what the technical facts were.

The mandate to silence the technical voices who insisted on canceling the launch was stated as following; “Take off your Engineering Hat, and put your Management Hat on”.  This pressure was compounded by the fact that Challenger’s launch had been delayed a number of times, it was the first time there were two Shuttle Missions on two launch pads, and as a result, the Shuttle workforce was spread thin.  Yes, there always seems to extenuating circumstances that usher in disasters.

How does all this relate to the massive push for early voting by the RNC, Turning Point etc. that has filtered down into local movements where Early Voting is presented as something righteous to do, despite opposing technical evidence?  What technical evidence you may ask?

Significant opposing technical evidence comes from the forensic analysis of the Election System in Mesa County, Colorado, a backup which was done per Colorado and Federal Law by Clerk Tina Peters to preserve election records prior to any systems upgrades.  When Clerk Peters was notified that Dominion was scheduled to perform “The Trusted Build” on her system, she upheld her oath of office.  Her forensic analysis of the ‘before and after’ images confirmed the presence of unauthorized/uncertified software with back-doors that allowed for algorithmic vote flipping and the creation of unauthorized reportable databases of votes.  In other words, ‘two sets of books’.  (note-Clerk Peters is currently being falsely persecuted like President Trump, with her trial to begin late July.  Visit TinaPeters.US for all information).

The next mountain of alleged technical evidence comes from the overly suspicious, zero common sense defeat of Kari Lake in her 2022 Arizona Governor race.  The root of Kari’s defeat stemmed from her emphasis on Voting Only On Election Day.  The rationale for only voting on election day is so an advance count made possible by early voting would remain unknown to the vote flipping algorithms discovered in Mesa County.

When the majority of Kari’s supporters showed up Only On Election Day (as we’ve always done in America pre-Covid), roughly 60% of machines in Republican areas magically jammed on Election Day, leading to countless disenfranchised voters.  In this situation, forensic analysis proved that 20 inch ballot images had been reduced to 19 inch size on the 20 inch paper, causing the ballot scanner to not be capable of reading the ballots.

Chain of custody on most of these unread ballots were allegedly subsequently lost, and the rest is history for causing Kari’s defeat.  Since even the algorithmic vote flipping discovered in Mesa County wouldn’t have been enough to secure a Hobbs victory in AZ by itself, they allegedly had to resort to purposely “Breaking the Machines”, and simply/allegedly not count the overwhelming Lake ballots directed to ‘Box 3’ for ‘counting later’.

Applying common sense to this situation, the combination of alleged vote flipping and uncounted Lake ballots paved the path to Hobbs victory.  We use the word ‘allegedly’ a number of times here because to date, no court has agreed to hear technical evidence, a travesty of the American justice systems that gets exposed more and more every day.

So here we go again with “Take off your Engineering Hat, and put your Management Hat on”.  Despite the findings of the forensic technical experts (best in the world), the RNC and Turning Point have consciously chosen to ignore their work, and instead embrace the zero common-sense notion that we need to vote early to make it ‘too big to rig’.  Their uninformed position on this leaves our voting system vulnerable for advance counting of ballots, and the subsequent implementation of  algorithmic manipulations required to ‘Select vs. Elect’ candidates.

While President Trump’s election may be ‘too big to rig’ (as Kari Lake’s was), they found a kinetic path to still rig it.  The jury is out on how they may deal with reducing President Trump’s lead, shrinking it from a tsunami to a ripple.  Even if they give up and ‘let President Trump win’, one thing is for sure, all the down-ticket races are not ‘too big to rig’, and President Trump will be aiming straight for the biggest Lame Duck Presidency ever.  If this happens they will have the capability to steal the House and Senate blind.  If they steal the House, Rep Jeffries has even stated that they will not confirm Trump.

We are heading for disaster folks unless the RNC and Turning Point meet with the real forensic technical experts in order to deeply understand how the embracing of Early Voting may just lead to the end of America.

The Challenger Disaster killed the first teacher in space, let’s learn our lesson here.

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