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Charles Payne Goes Off – Outs Biden for Demeaning MAGA

Charles Payne

Charles Payne went off on Biden and the nasty Dems who prop him up.  It was great. 

Charles Payne has always been in the corner of the American people.  All the rest of the FOX News and FOX Business hosts who support President Trump and aren’t afraid of telling the truth are gone.

Lou Dobbs, Dan Bongino and Tucker Carlson are individuals who FOX News has gotten rid of.  This is because they tell the truth or FOX was afraid they would tell the truth.

Last night after President Trump’s resounding win, Payne outlined the hate coming from the evil, lying and cheating Biden gang.

Charles is right.  And by the way, it is so hard to listen to common sense when you have this nasty radical leftist on the set.  Jessica Tarlov is and has been one of the most disgusting and dishonest characters on TV.  What does the Deep State pay her for spewing lies and lies.

Right on Charles. Right on. 

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