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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Riverside County CA Caught Providing Doctored Sets of Dominion Election Related Documents in Public Record Request

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting

Previously, it was reported that the election results in Riverside County, California have been illegitimate for years.  Numerous activities in the elections process went against state code.

Following numerous complaints expressed by Riverside County Citizens as well the County District Attorney, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors took action and placed the county Registrar of Voters [ROV] Rebecca Spencer on Administrative leave on September 13, 2023.  A short time later she was given $800,000 and allowed to move on.

While no one is saying why Spencer was placed on Administrative leave then resigned, it is important to note that New California State Riverside County Chair and State Senator Shelby Bunch served the Riverside Board of Supervisors over 400 Declarations of Truth concerning their individual actions regarding purported voting irregularities in the ROV office.

Was Spencer given a payoff?

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Election Results in Riverside County, California Are Illegitimate After Activities Went Against State Code for Years

Shelby Bunch from the New California state team has been on top of the wrongdoings in elections in Riverside County.  At the November 28th, 2023 Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting, Bunch presented more information of more election wrongdoing in the California County.

Bunch explained that documents from 2020 to present were provided to Riverside County (RivCo) citizens through Public Records Act (PRA) requests.  These records should accurately record the activities by Dominion on the Riverside Dominion tabulator scanners.

In the records provided there are no timestamps to authenticate the times and dates of the signatures or that would identify when the documents were created. But the biggest question is…why are there multiple sets of logs for the same dates?

Bunch shared at Tuesday night’s County Board of Supervisors meeting:

We now have three sets of logs with no time stamps.  Crossed out and modified dates.  Dates that are out of order.  Two identical sets of logs with identical sets of signatures …

These are completely created documents.  There is no way to prove when they were signed or created.  In fact we know they’re forged.  This falls in your lap.  This Board is responsible for your lack of oversight.  Providing the public with falsified documents is a felony.

This is why the citizens have served you with declarations.  You have failed to supervise our elections.  In fact, this Board has failed in many ways.  The more data we collect the more we realize there was absolutely zero oversight of the Registrar of Voters office and Rebecca Spencer.  You have broken your oath of office and we take it very personally.

So while you sit up there on your throne, remember that you violated your oath and the rights of every Riverside citizen you are meant to serve can be more than costly.  It can land you in jail.

Additional citizens laid out more information on the acts of the county’s ROV.

See below for the November 28th, 2023 Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting:

In the first set of logs below, provided by Bunch, the dates are jumbled and there are no comments to describe what type of maintenance was conducted that was signed off on. The August 20, 2022 date which was a Saturday, was altered to read August 22, 2022.

This was identified by a Riverside County citizen, Yvette Anthony, who pointed out that the Riverside County ROV Office is closed on Saturday! Therefore, the dates of this particular tabulator seal change conducted by Dominion employees was changed to August 22, 2022, a Monday.

Riverside County citizens received the following set of logs after New California State members, Shelby Bunch and Cathy Cammarato met with the Interim Registrar Art Tinaco and his assistant, Matt Cabellos. Bunch stated that the PRA request was for the original seal log documents, not recreated versions.  But these records were recreated because the original records were kept in such a poor manner.

The following was provided through email, listed as ‘old seal logs.’  The citizens are still waiting on the ‘original’ documents.

As a side note, it is a felony for any government office to provide the public with falsified documents and present them as authentic.

The Riverside County citizens and the Riverside Chapter of New California will not back down until elections in the county are fair and transparent. Actions related to potential or real crimes should be investigated and addressed.

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