BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Missouri GOP RINOs Remove the Pro-Trump Delegates Elected at the State Convention in May | Joe Hoft


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Missouri GOP RINOs Remove the Pro-Trump Delegates Elected at the State Convention in May

RINOs in the Missouri GOP are attempting to remove the pro-Trump delegates elected at the state convention in May.

At the GOP’s Missouri state convention in Springfield, Trump supporting members of the GOP took over and prevented RINOs in the state from setting the agenda and the delegates for the RNC.  This was reported on May 4.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Grassroot Revolution Overthrows RINOS at Missouri State GOP Convention

However, it appears that the RINOs were not done.  Power at all costs is the motto of the RINOs and the Democrats – it’s the Uniparty mantra.

The Missouri Independent reports:

The Missouri Republican Party must replace 54 national convention delegates and alternates selected at its chaotic state convention because of “alarming irregularities” in the process, the Republican National Convention Committee on Contests ruled Friday.

The list of rejected delegates includes two of the major GOP candidates for governor, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and state Sen. Bill Eigel.

“The committee holds that the State Convention was not properly credentialed, and that any slate of delegates and alternate delegates adopted at the State Convention must be discarded,” states the report signed by Chairwoman Jeanne Luckey of Mississippi.

The committee acted after investigating complaints from state convention delegates Daniel O’Sullivan of St. Louis County and Derrick Good of Jefferson County.

They alleged delegates to the state convention were not properly credentialed as the convention was organized, that the rules for selecting the state’s at-large delegates were improperly changed during the convention and that some delegates were listed on more than one slate of names in violation of the rules.

The committee, after determining that the complaint about credentialing had merit, wrote that it did not need to consider the other complaints and made no ruling on them.

“Contestants have provided ample proof of alarming irregularities in the state convention’s credentialing procedures, including the absence of names on delegate lists, the distribution of delegate credentials to alternate delegates without confirming who they were replacing, and the failure to ensure alternate delegates were raised from the same counties as the delegates they were replacing, among other things,” the report stated.

The committee’s ruling gives the state party executive committee until 5 p.m. Friday to select a new set of at-large delegates and alternates.

Here is the signed page from the National GOP’s report.

GOP Trump supporters around the state are outraged.  One group out of Cass County shared the following:

The Missouri SWAMP inside the Republican Party is trying to overrule the will of the Missouri citizens!

This past spring, Republicans across our state participated in county caucuses, congressional district caucuses, and a state convention. At that state convention on May 4th, the Missouri Republican Party, led by Chairman Nick Myers, made a horrendous mistake and completely fouled up the credentialing process. As a result of this huge series of mistakes, the Republican National Committee is set to completely invalidate the grassroots delegates and alternate delegates that were voted to attend the national convention and support Donald J Trump for President.

The MO GOP screwed up, but now they are trying to get another chance to select different delegates and alternate delegates. The people they want are all SWAMP creatures, not grassroots. There is a legal argument called the “Doctrine of Unclean Hands.” It simply states that someone who is at fault in a situation cannot benefit from that situation. Clearly, in this situation, Mr. Myers and the MO GOP screwed up, and the result was the loss of our delegates at the national convention. They should not get to choose delegates different from the state convention.

We cannot allow this to happen! We must rise up and tell Mr. Nick Myers that his actions are unacceptable! Mr. Meyers can make this RIGHT if he chooses to do so. We demand that the original 27 delegates and 27 alternates be resubmitted and allowed to vote for Donald J Trump for President.

Please contact Mr. Myers at or by phone at (573) 606-0402. Tell Mr. Myers you want the grassroots delegates resubmitted.

Freedom Principal Missouri shared the following:

The Freedom Principle MO is condemning actions by the Missouri GOP, led by State Committee Chair Nick Myers to overturn the results of the Missouri GOP convention on May 4th and steal the election of delegates to the Republican National Committee.  “The Missouri GOP, led by the incompetent Nick Myers, screwed up the Missouri GOP Convention in May, resulting in Myers withdrawing his slate at the convention and a more conservative grassroots slate being elected, worked with other disgruntled RINOs committee members from St. Louis and Jefferson County Republican Central Committees to appeal the election of delegates to the RNC and overturn the results of that election,” said Byron Keelin, President of the Freedom Principle MO. “The State, St. Louis, and Jefferson County GOP are acting like Democrats and actively engaging in the stealing of an election.”

The Republican National Convention is set to invalidate the RNC slate of grassroots delegates and alternates because of an appeal by the Missouri GOP stemming from complaints filed by some committee members from the St. Louis County GOP and Jefferson County Republican Central Committees who were listed on the Missouri GOP Slate, submitted by Nick Myers to be delegates to the July 15 – 18 RNC Convention in Milwaukee. Myers was overwhelmingly defeated as Convention Chair by Sophie Shore after screwing up the GOP Convention causing a five-hour delay and resulting in the failure to pass a Republican Party Platform. “The Missouri GOP was totally incompetent, and it resulted in their leadership and their RINO slate being embarrassed by the grassroots delegates, many of whom are Freedom Principle MO members,” said Keelin.

The St. Louis County and Jefferson County GOP committee members appealed their defeat and the RNC is now set to comply with the Missouri GOP and completely invalidate the pro-Trump slate. “If anyone is to blame for their loss, the St. Louis County and Jefferson County Central Committee members should blame Nick Myers for withdrawing his slate,” said Keelin.

“The Convention Chair, Sophie Shore, gave Mr. Myers and his group an additional 45 minutes to resubmit a new slate, but they failed to do so. Now, they are acting like Democrats and want to steal the results of the election and disenfranchise pro-Trump delegates just ahead of the RNC Convention,” said Keelin.

“The Truly Grassroots for Trump slate was the only valid and complete slate elected at the GOP convention and they should be allowed to represent Missouri at the RNC Convention,” said Keelin. “The Freedom Principle MO is reaching out to the Trump campaign and trying to get them to step in and stop this stealing of the election.”

“Nick Myers’s incompetence is why the Missouri GOP is a national embarrassment. He should not be allowed to pick delegates or even be a delegate,” said Keelin. “What the Missouri GOP, the St. Louis County, and Jefferson County Republican Central Committees are doing is engaging in voter disenfranchisement to benefit themselves. The people involved in this stealing of an election are why voters are sick of the special interest-controlled RINOs in Jefferson City and elected a more conservative grassroots slate.” …

Here is their report:

FPMO Condemns Missouri GOP Efforts to Steal GOP Election Media by Joe Ho on Scribd

Senator Bill Eigel who is running for governor had this to share:

The list of pro-Trump delegates selected by the GOP at the convention is as follows.  They did nothing wrong and volunteered their time and effort to support President Trump at the RNC.


Please contact the man who messed this all up and encourage him to stop playing games and let the pro-Trump delegates selected at the GOP convention represent the state at the RNC.

Please contact Mr. Myers at or by phone at (573) 606-0402. Tell Mr. Myers you want the grassroots delegates resubmitted.


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    • RINOS executed for treason. Trump 2024 The American patriots want the Democrats and RINOS lined up and shot teeth blown out of the backs of their traitor heads. The military should then burn the bodies no headstones for these traitors. I would like to see all their assets seized and the families left homeless and ashamed to show their faces in public. T24

  2. Mr. Hoft,
    Nick Myers email address is incorrect in this article. It should be, not .com. We had several of our emails to him bounce back yesterday and his voicemail is full and has been for months, not sure that he cares but to hear from the residents of Missouri.

  3. Thank you for exposing the corruption going on in Missouri! We are tired of our (s)elected leaders listening to their PAYMASTERS and the the will of the PEOPLE!

  4. Neighboring BLUE state Illinois, with its UNIPARTY – ESTABLISHMENT – CONTROLLED OPPOSITION – RINO SCUM party boasts < 10 % GOP voter turnout over last 5 elections cycles.
    Voters rejecting this uniparty rino scum leadership

    Let trump know.

  5. THIS WAS DONE WITH THE FULL COOPERATION OF THE RNC. AND, they waited two months to decide that the chosen delegates weren’t proper, in order to cause last-minute confusion before Milwaukee. The rot inside the RNC is deep, and proven.


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