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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Grassroot Revolution Overthrows RINOS at Missouri State GOP Convention

Today (Saturday) in Springfield, Missouri, conservatives took back the Republican Party. 

In Missouri like many other states, the citizens of the state that are America First don’t have a voice in their government.  They are the super majority in the state but they are not being heard and what they want for their state is not taking place.  Even though the GOP runs the state with a huge majority, key conservative policies and beliefs are pushed aside.

Leading up to the event, platform amendments were passed at county and district caucuses to be reviewed by the platform committee and implemented at convention. The draft that was presented by the GOP completely ignored every amendment passed and watered down the current version of the platform.

U.S. Representative from Missouri’s 7th congressional district and National Freedom Caucus Member, Eric Burlison tried to persuade the grassroots majority of the state with a letter stating that he agreed with the amendments, but still expected the grassroots to support the RINO pick for chair of state convention and RNC members.

This letter did not go over well with the base Trump supporters in the GOP.  This was supporting the RINOs who were changing the platform and moving away from America First.

Because of this and the disenfranchisement of the conservative base in Missouri, the grassroots rose up against the RINOs at the convention.  They planned to unseat every RINO, swap the RINO agenda with an America First agenda, and force a revised platform to be voted on.

When the convention began, the effort to bring MAGA back to Missouri started. The RINOs in the party were shocked and spent the next three hours talking about all sorts of nothing while they tried to figure out ways that they could overcome the conservative coup.

The stalling from the GOP RINOs went on for three hours as they tried to figure out how to overcome the grassroot majority’s effort to take back the party.

Eventually, Sophia Shore was voted in as the GOP Chairwoman of the convention. This was a win and the beginning of the grassroots efforts in taking back their party.

GOP conservatives cheered when the grassroots supported GOP Chairwoman was elected to her new role instead of a RINO.

And just like that, the RINO platform was voted down!!!

Unfortunately, the grassroots win for the platform was short-lived. Like the true RINOs that they are, two Missouri State Reps: Representative Ben Baker and Representative Dan Stacey convinced many delegates that it was safe to leave only to call for a quorum which forced the adjournment and loss of all of the platform work. 26 Amendments that were passed by the people of Missouri over a three hour period of time were lost as a result. The two Reps were seen laughing and high-fiving on their way out of the Expo Center. Both are senate hopefuls.

Congratulations to the real winners in Missouri who love God, Country and MAGA. 

9 thoughts on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Grassroot Revolution Overthrows RINOS at Missouri State GOP Convention”

  1. I wish it was not so, but below is the Roberts Rules answer to the question on quorum.

    I was there for a victorious day for grassroots in Missouri! We won absolutely every vote to take back our party and our state! The problem was that we are young and the establishment has no integrity. They stalled for over 3 hours to string out the day and discourage us, knowing that they couldn’t beat us. We won every position and issue, but in the end they played the rules against us in spite.

    However, the 2020 MO GOP platform was better than what was initially proposed this year by the biased Rino committee, so as we default back to the 2020 platform, we still win. God is gracious.

    Thank you to Joe Hoft for covering our Missouri revolution!!!
    And for the amazing Gateway Pundit and team!

    3- Is it true that, once a quorum has been established, it continues to exist no matter how many members leave during the course of the meeting?

    No. Once a quorum at a meeting has been established, the continued presence of a quorum is presumed to exist only until the chair or any other member alerts the assembly that a quorum is no longer present. If the chair notices the absence of a quorum, he or she should declare this fact, at least before taking any vote or stating the question on any new motion. Any member noticing the apparent absence of a quorum can and should make a Point of Order to that effect at a time when another person is not speaking.

    It is true that debate on a question already pending can be allowed to continue at length after a quorum is no longer present, until a member raises the point; but it is never permissible to transact substantive business in the absence of a quorum. It is also true that a Point of Order relating to the absence of a quorum is generally not permitted to affect prior action—but such a Point of Order can cause prior action to become invalid if there is clear and convincing proof that no quorum was present when the business was transacted. [RONR (12th ed.) 40:12; see also pp. 12–13 of RONR In Brief.]

  2. Joe, Thank you very much for this article. I have experienced first hand the abuse of the RINO Jackson County Central Committee (but not as bad as many). I am so pleased that other America First Patriots are pushing forward. The Democrats are planning to win back unfettered abortions and the RINOs will support that effort by simply allowing it to happen. This is the pattern in Missouri where the mayor is making Kansas City a sanctuary for illegal aliens – the RINOs and the governor say nothing – hence allowing this to occur. Missouri gives illegals driver’s licenses so they can become part of the voting pool.
    Congratulations to Sophie Shore for being elected convention chair, Kristen Haftrak for Fighting the Good Fight and Bill Eigel – our only hope for governor.

  3. Politically, Ben Baker and Dan Stacey, YOU WILL BOTH PAY for what you have done as turncoats and Benedict Arnolds to We the People. Off my fakebook you go, Mr. Baker, and as a now FORMER (one I considered a) friend in the MOLEG, you are definitely no longer considered such. Your swamp is about to get drained!

  4. I was there. My wife was a delegate. We are ultra conservative, MAGA Republicans, but we did not appreciate or approve of the way the grassroots people did things. We likely agree with their ideology just not their tactics. We left at 2:30 PM and I said nothing else will get accomplished. I was right.

  5. We are hearing that the reason many people left near the end was that there was ana announcement that if they did not move their cars the cars would be towed. So a lot of people left and then a quorum was called. Whomever masterminded this scheme should be thrown out of the party.

    • In the last couple of days it has been confirmed by the hotel management & towing company in contract with the hotel that they did not call for towing. That announcement seems to have been a fabrication. The person making the announcement said he was asked to do so by a person on the convention committee. All of it points back to the shenanigans of the establishment to exclude the people of the state of Missouri to have a voice in our own party.
      This is the second more detailed report that came out from an independent investigative journalist looking for answers.


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