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BIG MISTAKE, HUGE: Iowa Governor Backs Ron DeSantis

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds ends her career by supporting Ron DeSantis over President Trump for 2024. 

In the business world these were referred to as “CLMs” – Career Limiting Moves – in politics as well as business they are career ending moves.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds came out on NBC yesterday to announce her support for Ron DeSantis, the candidate of the uniparty.

Reynolds simply ended her career and showed who she really is by this move.

Trump supporters realize that President Trump did great things in office in regards to the economy and foreign policy.  This was in spite of constant road blocks from Democrats and members of his own party and cabinet.

But the more glaring point for those who love America and who support President Trump is that the corrupt government he inherited from Barack Hussein Obama was attacking him his entire Presidency with false crimes pushed to the compliant and corrupt Big Media.  Trump’s followers were targeted by Big Tech and even Big Pharma worked with government employees in the COVID crisis, making billions for their efforts.

The climax was the stolen 2020 Election and the setup of innocent Trump supporters on Jan 6.  Four supporters died that day and many have been persecuted by our courts, jails and prison systems.

Americans see this.  They see the constant attacks on Trump.  They know the fascists on the left will do it again to whoever they want.  They know siding with a Ron DeSantis will not stop these fascists.

Big mistake, Kim, Huge. 

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