Biden Will Now Provide Free Healthcare to Homeless While Working Americans’ Costs Go Up | Joe Hoft


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Biden Will Now Provide Free Healthcare to Homeless While Working Americans’ Costs Go Up

You can’t make this stuff up. 

The Biden/Obama regime are doing everything they can to destroy the US and the world.  

Biden/Obama have announced they will now pay for health care reported outside of hospitals and medical facilities.  What could possibly go wrong?

Newsmax reports:

A new rule allows health care providers to be reimbursed for treating homeless people wherever they are, rather than just in hospitals or clinics.

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began allowing this change for both public and private insurers on Oct. 1, KFF Health News reported.

“The Biden-Harris administration has been focused on expanding access to health care across the country,” CMS spokesperson Sara Lonardo told KFF Health News, explaining that federal officials created the new reimbursement code at the request of street medicine providers who weren’t being paid for their work.

Clearly there will be no way to audit this work that the government will pay for.  Medical personnel will simply report their work and be paid.

At the same time, costs for working Americans are rising fast.  Today far-left USA Today reports:

Inflation that has sent the cost of groceries and rent soaring over the past three years is now surfacing in health insurance.

The average cost for a family health insurance plan offered through an employer jumped 7% this year to $23,968 − the highest rate increase in a decade, according to the annual employer health benefits survey released Wednesday by KFF, a private health foundation. Prices are far higher than they were a year ago when premiums increased by 1%.

Insurance costs for individuals also rose 7% to $8,435, the survey said.

More than 150 million Americans get health insurance through the workplace. KFF tracks trends in employer health insurance through an annual survey of more than 2,100 large and small companies.

If you are homeless or an illegal alien in the US you receive better and cheaper healthcare than working Americans.  This is outright communism. 

1 thought on “Biden Will Now Provide Free Healthcare to Homeless While Working Americans’ Costs Go Up”

  1. The City of Columbus, Ohio charges single-parent mothers $472 per month for their share of the health insurance. Then when they get cancer and become too sick to work their COBRA premium EXPLODES to $2,708 per month. It’s all online in plain sight.

    Trump’s low-cost Short-Term-Medical (STM) for a 30-year-old woman and child in Columbus is $92 per month with a $10,000 deductible. Smaller deductibles are available like $5,000 for $128 per month.

    Biden’s HHS on 7/7/23 Rule change ELIMINATES Trump’s low-cost option to Obamacare! Trump’s low-cost STM is the LAST and ONLY PPO for Iowa farmers! All Iowa Obamacare HMOs pay NOTHING to Out-Of-Network (OON) hospitals, like MAYO Clinic voted BEST hospital in the world by Newsweek.

    Not 1 weak Iowa Republican politician came out in opposition to Biden ELIMINATING the MAYO Clinic for Iowa farmers, ranchers, self-employed, and retirees younger than 65. It’s a HUGE population of people being stripped of the FREEDOM. It’s DEADLY!


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