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Biden Inflation Destroying American Family Incomes

Biden inflation continues to rise.  

The Biden economy is crushing Americans.

President Trump and all Americans know that they continue to suffer under Bidenomics.

Thursday’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that inflation remains high.

The Consumer Price Index is up 3.7 percent year-over-year. Heritage Foundation economist E.J Antoni wrote that there is “no sign inflation is going away” and that the “typical American family [is] effectively $7,300 poorer compared to Jan ’21

WITN, a local NBC affiliate in Greenville, North Carolina, wrote that “the holiday shopping season is ramping up, and so is the battle with inflation.”

The price of housing is up 7.2 percent, according to the inflation data.

Even Biden’s favorite outlets couldn’t spin the bad news. The New York Times wrote, “The data contained evidence that the path toward fully wrangling inflation remains a long and bumpy one.”

Polling shows that Americans trust President Donald Trump over Joe Biden to improve the economy.

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