TOTALLY CORRUPT: FBI Says No Credible Threats in US of Islamist Attacks | Joe Hoft


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TOTALLY CORRUPT: FBI Says No Credible Threats in US of Islamist Attacks

The FBI has lost all credibility as well as the government in general.  

The totally corrupted FBI believes that good Americans are the enemy and has no concerns with Islamic terrorists harming people in this country.

We’ve seen the FBI and DOJ participate in a coup of the Trump Administration.  They were never charged where this was treason.  In the aftermath of the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln, four individuals were hanged for their efforts in attempting a coup of the Lincoln Administration.  This was the law and this was justice.

In 2018, the law was gone.  No one in the government was charged with any time in prison, let alone capitol punishment for treason because the DOJ was corrupted to the top.

BLM came, and instead of imprisoning BLM rioters for billions in destruction and multiple murders related to the riots, the FBI got on its knees and supported BLM.

Then we saw the stolen election where the FBI and DOJ turned an eye to the many crimes related to the election and instead worked with the Deep State to set up Trump supporters at the Capitol.

Now with the obvious risk of Islamic terrorism back in the forefront of all Americans after the horrendous murder by Hamas of innocent Israelis in Southern Israel, the FBI has no worries.

The FBI actually is more concerned with Americans.  This is today’s totally corrupt FBI.

IGNORE THE THREAT – (NBC) –  The FBI said this week it had no information indicating a credible terrorist threat against the United States, but social media pundits who have been raising the alarm for days aren’t backing down. 

Conservative social media influencers have been filling platforms such as X and Truth Social with speculation not backed by any evidence that attacks on civilians in Israel would soon be followed by similar attacks in major U.S. cities and that people should begin preparing — including by avoiding cities and purchasing firearms. (read more)

We should be concerned.  We should be very concerned.






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