As Obama Pulls Troops from Afghanistan – Here Are 5 Things to Look For in Upcoming Disaster | Joe Hoft


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As Obama Pulls Troops from Afghanistan – Here Are 5 Things to Look For in Upcoming Disaster

Posted by Jim Hoft Jul 18th, 2015 10:15 am at

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Obama has promised to remove troops from Afghanistan, like he did in Iraq, by the end of 2016 around the time he leaves office.

He has told the enemy his timing and they now all they must do is sit and wait until the US is gone.

Since when did winning a war mean anything to Obama or Liberals?

As Obama prepares to remove troops from Afghanistan, here are the five things sure to happen –

  1. Resurgence of the Taliban and/or ISIS

ISIS Marching

Any sixth grader knows that leaving Afghanistan will create a vacuum similar to the one created when Obama pulled troops from Iraq. But what does this matter to Obama? Why does he not learn? How can he forget that an al Qaeda in Afghanistan killed thousands of innocent Americans on 911?

  1. Multiple Deaths and Beheadings

ISIS Beheadings

How can Obama or any liberal be for freedom, individual rights or caring for his brethren when he they hand over Afghanistan to terrorists? Death, murder, chaos, savagery, slavery, pain, terror and suffering are all in the future for the Afghanistan people similar to the hell Obama created in Iraq by pulling troops before creating and guaranteeing peace and stability.

  1. Women Not Just Losing their Rights but Becoming Sex Slaves

Afghan Girls in Mini skirts

(Picture from Amnesty International)

How can Obama or any liberal support women’s rights and agree with giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban, al Qaeda or ISIS? Although not yet back to the freedom they enjoyed in the 1970’s when women wore miniskirts in Kabal, after the Taliban were removed from power in Afghanistan by courageous US and coalition troops, women’s rights greatly improved. Under the Taliban women were discriminated against for the crime of being born a girl. After the Taliban were ousted in 2001, “many schools opened their doors to girls and women went back to work. There was progress towards equality: a new constitution in 2003 enshrined women’s rights in it, and in 2009 Afghanistan adopted the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) law.” When the US troops leave Afghanistan, all this will be for naught.

  1. Taliban 5 Back in the Saddle Again

Taliban 5

What are the odds that the 5 demons released for Bowe Bergdahl and all other Taliban inmates released from Gitmo will be back in Afghanistan terrorizing and killing? It was reported that Obama traded the Taliban 5 and $5 billion for deserter Bergdahl. This was the worst deal in US history before the recent Iran deal.

  1. After Afghanistan Quickly Goes to Hell Obama Will be Sure to Deny it was his Idea in the First Place

When Obama was running for reelection in 2012, he repeatedly took credit for “ending the war in Iraq.” Then in August 2014, when he sent troops back to Iraq to fight ISIS, Obama said removing U.S. troops from Iraq was not “my decision.” The horror of Obama’s Iraq blunder will be felt for generations. The same horrors will soon appear in Afghanistan.


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