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Alex Jones Warns About the Enemy Within the Gates

While the most honest people are targeted by this radical Biden regime Alex Jones warns about the enemy within the gates. 

Israel admits the that the Gaza attack by Hamas was their worst intelligence failure in decades.

In the US the Biden regime is targeting and attacking good Americans while the same regime allows millions to cross the border into the US who want to kill us.

Alex Jones gives his insights on the Hamas attack and sees the failure and the liberal and lost West that didn’t see this coming.

Jones, the author of the Great Awakening, joined Bannon to discuss the situation in Gaza and the world.

Jones shares the following about those innocent partygoers who were killed and kidnapped by Hamas at the party in Southern Israel the morning of October 7:

Thousands of Israelis, Europeans and others taking ecstasy and acid, dancing all night with giant speakers booming – boom, boom, boom, boom – with all that trans music, that’s like waving a giant steak, a giant bloody steak in front of 100 starving wolves.  Where is the common sense…

…America has the same problem.  We’ve brought millions of these people in…

…We need to hold the establishment responsible for what they have done.

See entire interview below.

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