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More on Biden Bringing Illegals Into the Country Along with Trafficking Thousands of Children

MVM Inc Child Trafficking

MVM was first reported on a few weeks ago at this site when it was discovered that this firm that traffics children for the US government is connected to the CIA, NSC, Secret Service and Henry Kissinger.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Firm Implicated in Child Trafficking Pipeline, MVM Inc, Is Connected to CIA, NSC, Secret Service and Henry Kissinger

Then some additional information was posted about MVM and how this entity was making nearly a billion dollars working for the US government and trafficking children.

More on MVM Inc the Child Trafficking Paid Over $700 Million by the Government

We then uncovered the spending on this government operation that is in the billions. A government facility in Texas is just massive.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Billions Spent on MASSIVE Camps Used in Trafficking Children Located Across Border States

In 2018 MVM was involved in trafficking children as well and the MSM was all over it.  But for some reason they ignore it today and it appears to be many, many times the volume of traffic back in 2018.

Per a review of MVM at that time, it looks like President Trump was using that company to ship illegals back to their home countries.

Reveal wrote in 2018:

A major U.S. defense contractor quietly detained dozens of immigrant children inside a vacant Phoenix office building with dark windows, no kitchen and only a few toilets during three weeks of the Trump administration’s family separation effort, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting has learned.

Videos shot by an alarmed neighbor show children dressed in sweatsuits being led – one so young she was carried – into the 3,200-square-foot building in early June. The building is not licensed by Arizona to hold children, and the contractor, MVM Inc., has claimed publicly that it does not operate “shelters or any other type of housing” for children.

The latest reporting shows that what looks to be thousands of Haitians are bombarding the US Embassy in Mexico.  How did they get there?

It now looks like migrants are processed in their home countries before being escorted to the US by companies like MVM. 

A recent MVM ad on LinkedIn shows an opening for a security position that needs to know Creole for a 1-year assignment overseas.  Hmmm, maybe in Haiti?  And, there are more.

President Trump sent illegals back to their home countries.  Biden is bringing them back and lots, lots more. 

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