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With an Estimated 12-20 million Illegal Immigrants in the US Today, ICE Credited with Arresting and Removing less than 250,000 in 2015


The US illegal alien population increases by at least 500,000 each year and estimates are that the number of illegal immigrants currently residing in the US is somewhere between 12 and 20 million.  

Most of those who violate our borders come from Mexico and other Latin American countries and another half of all illegal immigrants residing in the US did not enter illegally but rather overstayed their visas.  Congress has passed seven amnesties since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.  The first was in 1986 under Reagan, which was supposed to be an end to amnesty and the beginning of closing our borders.  However this didn’t work so in 1994, 1997 (twice), 1998 and 2000 (twice) Clinton provided amnesty to various groups.  But still the number of illegal aliens keeps rising.

A recent post at the Hill claimed that the number of illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico skyrocketed in 2016.  With the number of illegals increasing you would expect that the number of arrests and deportations of illegals would be on the increase, but this is not the case.

ICE Deportations 2015

(Chart from ICE FY 2015 Reporting)

According to official government data noted above, the number of deportations (removals) attributed to ICE decreased to less than 250,000 in 2015. This means less than 1-2% of all illegal immigrants in the US were ‘removed’ by ICE in 2015.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department (ICE) is a part of Homeland Security and has a budget of more than $6 billion in 2016 and is expected to employ more than 21,000 employees.  Homeland Security has a budget of more than $41 billion proposed for 2016 which is more than the revenues of all of the companies on the Fortune 500 except the top 71.  In addition to immigration, Homeland Security oversees the customs agents at airports. Even with the massive amount of resources, it is clear that Homeland Security if failing miserably under Obama.

Note that Liberals constantly use the Pew Research Center data on illegal immigrants as their source which claims that there are only 11 million illegals in the US today but the Pew Research data is highly suspect and biased. In addition, the Obama administration has touted that ICE has removed more individuals per year under Obama than any prior administration.  This number however has also been debunked because the Obama administration included numbers in this count that would never have been counted in prior years.  It appears that in typical Obama fashion, he would rather lie about the numbers than fix the problem.



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