Why Trump is Winning? – We All Know the Media is Lying and He Points it Out Every Chance He Can!

The reason Donald Trump first received so much attention and still does is because he consistently points out that the Media is Lying! From his early interviews with Anderson Cooper at CNN and others, Trump has pointed out how dishonest they are and he does so to their faces.  He still at every rally in every stadium he fills points out how dishonest the media is.

Americans buy it because it’s true. Today’s Media is owned by the liberal left and will never report honestly when it comes to politics or their liberal agenda!

Another case in point is the recent attack on Trump by a radical Muslim at the DNC. Look at how a typical liberal reporter sees it when compared to the mother of another American whose son was killed in Libya and who spoke at the RNC.

What a joke our media has become! An auditor sitting in his hotel room in Sydney writing a blog post has more integrity than 95% of the reporters, writers and pundits in today’s media.

No wonder Trump is winning.

The #NeverTrumpers still believe that if you are nice the liberal media will be honest in reporting and radical Muslims will not kill us. This is why #NeverTrumpers lost!  Trump figured out a long time ago how to deal with the lying media – call them for what they are – LIARS!