Where Is the DOJ? Obama Running the White House Is a Crime! | Joe Hoft


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Where Is the DOJ? Obama Running the White House Is a Crime!

Barack Obama should be indicted for running the government a third term in his efforts to destroy America. 

This past week Joe Biden reportedly shared that Barack Obama has been “helping a lot”.

President Joe Biden revealed at a fundraiser in New York City Thursday night that his former boss, President Barack Obama, has been ‘helping out a lot.’

Obama returned to the White House Tuesday to have lunch with the president, as Biden has started campaigning as part of his reelection bid and has been on a fundraising blitz.

Biden held fundraisers this week in New York, Chicago and Chevy Chase, Maryland, one of Washington, D.C.’s ritzy suburbs.

This comment by Biden coincides with comments Barack Obama made before Biden’s inauguration after the stolen 2020 Election.  Of course, his followers in the media ignored this comment and laughed at it.

Obama couldn’t help himself. He had to take credit for what he was doing. It was clear a year later at a White House lunch who was in charge and who was lost.

It’s clear Biden isn’t running anything or anywhere. Obama appears to be running the White House and this is unconstitutional and a crime. Where is the DOJ?

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