Video: Far Left ‘Slate’ Defames the Gateway Pundit for Reporting Honestly About Radical Islam | Joe Hoft


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Video: Far Left ‘Slate’ Defames the Gateway Pundit for Reporting Honestly About Radical Islam

A couple of weeks ago a young man from Slate visited the Gateway Pundit (GWP) and filmed him for a mini-documentary released this past Friday at the far left website Slate. The writer, Aymann Ismail, presented a typical far left image of the GWP, Jim Hoft.

In the documentary Aymann first interviews his cousin ‘Mo’ who is a gay Muslim. Mo tells a story about how his mother threw gasoline on his face and was going to set him on fire when Mo’s brother jumped in and stopped her. Mo’s mother was going to burn her son and possibly kill him for being gay. Aymann never addresses whether the police were called in or whether his aunt is now in jail. Instead, he apparently accepts his aunt’s actions as normal.

Next Aymann shows a few posts from the GWP. The posts he shows he calls “ISIS Propaganda”. It’s unknown what Aymann means by this. Aymann implies that ISIS is good and therefore any reports showing ISIS murders, torture and homosexual abuse are propaganda. Aymann then states that these posts are found on ‘alt right’ websites and therefore places the GWP in that category. He then notes that random people send him these posts and that its obvious that their purpose is to stoke “anti-Muslim hatred”.

Aymann does acknowledge that “intolerance” of homosexuals in Islam does happen and even in the US. But to state that throwing homosexual men off of buildings is ‘intolerance’ is an understatement. Aymann also does not state that Islam is the lone ‘religion’ in the world that is involved in these heinous acts. He never apologizes for radical Islamic terrorism nor does he label these actions by Islamists as murder or criminal let alone atrocious.

Aymann then introduces the GWP and states that the most “hateful’ articles he is sent are from the GWP. He states that this year the GWP’s “fear mongering made it into the White House”. He states that the GWP doesn’t notice that “he [the GWP] is the reason tolerant Muslim stories go unnoticed” and that the GWP’s work is “calculated”. Aymann finishes his discussion with the GWP by stating that the GWP is “anti-Muslim and anti-foreigner” and the GWP posts anti-Muslim stories “just to get clicks”.

Aymann next interviewed a US gay Muslim who discusses homosexuals in Islam and makes the outlandish statement, “My friend, it is OK in the Midwest, and the entire red map of America to attack and kill homosexuals”. Aymann ends with the statement that the Koran doesn’t say much about homosexuality and that anti-gay violence isn’t unique to Islam.

This article is typical left wing nonsense propagated by the far left at sites like Slate. Islam has accounted for over 31,000 deadly terror attacks since 9-11. During the month of May 1,650 people were murdered around the globe by Islamic terrorists. Muslims in America are not the victims, the people in the World Trade Centers on 9-11 were.

Islam does have a position against homosexuals:

Islam goes beyond merely disapproving of homosexuality. Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death.

Beneath the surface, however, there are implied references to homosexual behavior in paradise, and it has been a historical part of Arab and Muslim culture.

The accusation that “it is OK in the Midwest, and the entire red map of America to attack and kill homosexuals” is blatantly false. It is not ok anywhere in the US to attack and kill homosexuals or anyone. That accusation was a lie and a way to justify the murders resulting from radical Islamic terrorism.

Finally, to state that the GWP is a calculated, click counter who doesn’t care about foreigners is just not true. The GWP is a gentle, loving, kind, considerate, honest, trustworthy and courageous man. He will not and has not posted stories that are dishonest. The GWP does not want to create Muslim hatred. The GWP stands up for those who are persecuted including Muslims in Muslim countries being murdered by Muslims.

Many Muslims are good people. Islam the ‘religion’ is the problem.


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