US Taxpayers Still Paying Millions to Ship Illegals Across the USA | Joe Hoft


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US Taxpayers Still Paying Millions to Ship Illegals Across the USA

Since the corrupt Obama/Biden Administration stole power in 2021, the US has been involved in transporting illegals across the US.

Two years ago TGP published a report on how illegal migrant children were being shipped from the border to an adoption agency in New York.

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrant Children Shipped from the Southern Border End Up at New York Adoption Agency

Hundreds of flights have been charted to move illegals across the country.

EXCLUSIVE: N806WA’s Flight Schedule Shows Hundreds of Flights from the Southern Border to US and Foreign Cities – How Many Planes Like N806WA Are There?

The US has been behind trafficking illegals since Biden stole power.

This is illegal activity.  It all goes against immigration laws.  It’s unconstitutional. Why are good Americans accepting this?

There are reports of flights where individuals who looked like they just arrived from a Middle Eastern country were placed in first class while long-term customers were placed in the back of the plane.

Americans are paying hundreds of millions to ship these illegals across the country.  Americans are also most likely paying the cost to ship illegals through Panama and Mexico and to the US.

One good American is pointing this out – see video below:

Wake up America. 

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