Trump Will Win Republican Nomination for President on June 7th (He could lose 8 of 10 Remaining States and Still Win Nomination)

After sweeping six primaries on the East Coast the past two weeks (New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania), Donald Trump has accumulated 996 delegates in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination and now only needs 241 delegates to win the nomination.

Delegate Count 5-1 AP

Senator Ted Cruz currently shows with 565 delegates and there are only 571 delegates remaining. Cruz needs 672 delegates to win the nomination and therefore as noted previously is mathematically eliminated from the race.

Based on current delegate counts Trump could win all 199 of the delegates in the primaries between now and June 7th and will still not have enough delegates to win the nomination before this date. Trump has a tremendous amount of momentum and will win most, if not all of these delegates.  Then with 303 delegates to be distributed on June 7th, it is very clear that Donald Trump will win the nomination outright on that date.

Delegate Count 5-1 Chart


 As previously noted –

Trump could lose 8 of the 10 remaining states (Indiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota) and still win the nomination with wins in New Jersey and California and good showings in the primaries that award delegates proportionally.  (See example below)

Delegate Count 5-1 Chart Cruz winning 8


Senator Cruz should very much consider suspending his campaign after Tuesday’s Indiana primary.