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Trump Rally Participants – Enough for a Continuous Line from KC to DC!!


If all the participants at Donald Trump’s rallies since he joined the race in 2015 lined up hand in hand the line would stretch more than 950 miles or the distance from Kansas City, Kansas to Washington, DC.


Trump accumulated more than 1.1 million at his rallies from June 2015 through July 2016. From August through today, as Trump’s momentum has increased, he has accumulated another 460,000 at his rallies. He has also turned away a conservative estimate of 100,000. This would equal nearly 1,000 miles of Trump participants standing hand in hand which is the equivalent of the distance between KC and DC.

Donald Trump continues to just crush Hillary Clinton in participants at his rallies compared to the small gatherings at hers. From August 1st through October 13th (since the end of the Democratic Convention) Trump’s attendance is nearly 20 times Hillary’s with 437,000 more than Clinton’s.*


Republican candidate Trump is also leading Clinton in number of rallies since July 31st. He’s had 73 rallies since the conventions to Hillary’s 31.


Nearly every week Trump is setting attendance records at his venues and turning thousands away due to space limits. Last week on Monday October 3rd Trump set a record at the Loveland, Colorado Budweiser Events Center with 8,000 present and another 10,000 were reported either turned away or on the grounds during the event.

This week Trump set a record at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Monday with 10,000 present and reportedly had an overflow crowd of 10,000 at his Panama City, Florida event on Tuesday. Since the 1st of October Trump has accumulated over 33,000 alone in overflow crowds in Loveland, Panama City and Prescott, Arizona (13,000).

It was reported by the media that Hillary Clinton had 18,000 at her event an the Ohio State University Campus on Monday the 10th. This would have been more than her entire turnout since July. This was later debunked and the OSU crowd was actually recorded at a little over 3,000.

Trump is crushing Hillary in participation at rallies and is gaining momentum. Hillary has no rallies scheduled into the future where she is scheduled to participate.

* The estimates noted are based on campaign events scheduled by the candidates and for the most part does not include events where the candidates speak to participants at events other than rallies. Total attendance is based on best estimates. These numbers also do not include fundraisers, debates or TV events. This is only our best estimate for attendance at these rallies. Note that the people turned away at Trump’s rallies are not included in these estimates but if they were the totals would be even more lopsided.



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