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Today’s Bogus DOJ Indictment of President Trump Will Allow the President to Subpoena and Present Evidence of the 2020 Election Fraud

Biden Trump

The Biden-Obama DOJ spies on Americans illegally, attempted a coup of the Trump campaign and Administration, stole the 2020 Election and now indicts the President who they stole the election from.   

If it looks like communism, smells like communism, and acts like communism, it’s communism. 

The latest batch of Trump indictments by the Biden gang is outrageous and people are noticing.

The Trump attorneys are saying they now can bring forward evidence that they never have been able to bring forward. They also can now subpoena for records and other items that they could not do before. President Trump is finally going to get his day in court.

Liz Harrington shared the obvious about the cases.

These bogus indictments always seem to come after the Bidens are caught in major crimes of treason and sedition.

The communists are after all Americans, not just President Trump.

Scott Adams was on fire.

Scott Adams put it simply.

Roseanne Barr was great as well.


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