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The UN and the Clinton Foundation Behind Invasion of Millions of Unknown Illegals Into the US

The UN, UNICEF and the Clinton Foundation are involved in the trafficking of illegals to the US.  It’s an industry built around human misery.

If there is money involved, the Clintons are there to get their share.  

The most corrupt couple in US history, the Clintons (arguably more corrupt than the Obamas) are making money on the invasion and destruction of the United States.  They don’t love you or America, this is clear.

Ben Bergquam has done an incredible job pointing out the mess at the Southern border.  He released an incredible video from Panama showing the “the leftist, Godless, globalist organizations” supported by Kamala Harris and others who are behind making money on human misery.

Bergquam notes that the UN, UNICEF and The Clinton Foundation are all involved in the trafficking of humans through the Southern border.

Bergquam knows what’s going on.  He’s been down to Panama and has seen the illegal industry created by these corrupt organizations.

In a recent visit he counted over a hundred boats going up river bringing illegals to the US through Panama. It’s an industry to destroy American funded by the UN, Clinton Foundation and Biden’s corrupt and communist government.

@banana_n_chips1 On that day there were 116 boats. Approximately 3,000 illegal immigrants. In less than 2 hours.#fyp #america #joebiden #kamalaharris #bordercrisis #benbergquam ♬ original sound – banana_n_chips1






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