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The Story of Obama’s Chef Drowning Reaches a Boiling Point

Earlier this week it was reported that Obama’s chef had drowned despite being a relatively good swimmer.  The chef was found in the pond near the Obama home.  This ironically happened to the Clintons’ chef in 2015.

WEIRD – Clinton Chef and Obama Chef Died from Drownings

Social media won’t let go of just another bizarre incident involving corrupt politicians in America today.

One Truth shared is that the water level in the pond where Obama’s chef was found averages 4 feet.

The Obama Chef Drowning situation gets stranger…

According to the MV Commission website, the Edgartown Great Pond where the Tafari drowned has an average depth of 3.0 – 4.3 ft and a tidal range of 0.6ft

But they say Tafari was found in 8ft of water


The comments are exceptional – what is going on?

The Justice system in the USA is broken badly. 

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